Large-scale CTA map "for the rest of us" shimmers on canvas

Uptown artist Jeffrey Littleton has created a map of the CTA that is 8 feet by 5 feet. He says it’s “for the rest of us.”

The oil on canvas painting shimmers in washes of color. You can still see it at the Uptown Arts Center at the Preston Bradley Center, 941 W. Lawrence Ave.

Jeffrey also shows a painting on his website of an “L” car cruising past the Aragon Ballroom.

Check it out.


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  • I've seen kindergartners do better!

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    In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Thanks Scooter...I know kinder kids with better nicknames.

  • In reply to Jeffrey Littleton:

    An ad hominen attack.
    Now that's kindness, NOT!

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    Who's "the rest of us?" Is it for those of us who live outside the loop, since he didn't paint it in detail?

    Personally, I wish this was among the artwork that will be used in north Red Line stations. This painting definitely looks better than the other "public art" the CTA proposed.

  • In reply to Peter Kozak:

    I wondered about that too. Maybe "for the rest of us" is just becoming another semi-meaningless catchphrase. I like the painting, though.

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    The Apple Macintosh was "for the rest of us" in 1984.

    I'm not going to comment on aesthetics, which are a matter of taste, but as far as informing the rest of us how to ride the CTA, this is about as useful as the map on the inside of Derrick Rose's sneaker, or the tattoo on someone's foot, previously reported here. Probably smells better, though.

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    Come to think about it, was the tattoo modified to reflect the rerouting of the Red Line? The painting wasn't. I'm not even sure it shows the East 63rd branch of the L.

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    In reply to Peter Kozak:

    I am seeing this a year later so my memory of the "for the rest of us" quote is fuzzy.

    I think the context might have been that the map is made for people to know where they are going. But most of us know where we are going, we live here.

    The map is still interesting, it is a map of a system that keeps the city going. It is visually interesting, I just focused on the interest, the style and shape.

    The rest of us....everyone who is able to find exactly where their stop is with lines only. We know where the El train bends, merges, and stops.

    That is the best explanation I got for my own words a year later.

    More CTA art on the way.

  • Jefrrey Littleton is Uptown's favorite crazy artist. Everyone is waiting for him to announce that he is running for 46th ward alderman in 2011. Grab some popcorn since that will be great entertainment.

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    In reply to UptownONE:

    Who is everyone and are they enjoying their popcorn?

  • I'm not sure who the rest of us are either, but I like the painting.

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    Thank youeveryone for your comments, I am just reading this almost a year later so pardon my untimeliness.

    Still at it, or back at it. Finishing up this week on a large version of the Aragon work above, in blue.

    I wish I had a better explanation for the "rest of us" but its a year later and out of context so....

    Thank you Kevin for the interest, more to come.

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