Would Prague's "love subway cars" work on the CTA?

The folks who run Prague’s Ropid transit system are looking into setting aside a certain car on trains there so singles can mingle and find love during their commute.

Which makes me wonder – could that work here on the CTA? I guess it would be kind of like Metra’s “quiet car” but in reverse.

Here’s what a Ropid spokesperson told Reuters:

Spokesman Filip Drapal said the initiative was one of the activities the city-owned company hoped would lure people out of their cars and onto public transportation.

“We want to emphasize that public transport is not only a means of travel but that you can do things there that you cannot do in your car,” he told Reuters.

Well, it’s that last last sentence that already has me a little worried about bringing the idea to the CTA’s Red Line. It seems like there already are a bunch of folks doing things in CTA rail cars that they cannot do in an automobile.

I’ll let you think about that and possibly list those activities in comments.

Meanwhile, this reminds me of a post I did back in 2008: Happy First Anniversary to CTA Wedding Couple. While the couple didn’t get married on the CTA, they did use the Blue Line and Pink Line as their limo in transporting guests to their reception. (See their photo below.)

Have you met your loved one on the CTA? Let us know your romantic story.

CTA wedding trip 2008



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  • Too many pervs on the L. Does someone really want to marry someone who jumped the turnstile instead of jumped the broom?

    However, one person reported on chicagobus.org that he married someone he met on a 4000 series MAN bus. Which probably dates this.

  • Metra and its predecessors used to have bar cars on commuter trains. I don't know if anyone ever hooked up in one of them, but they used to be interesting places to socialize. I think they got rid of the last of them in 2008.

  • OT, but why don't they take two pairs of crossovers that were installed new in the disastrous 2005 rebuild of the Ryan & move them to the North Side Mainline to replace the worn out ones north of Granville so the 10MPH limit can be removed, permanently?

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    I don't know, but besides whether the track alignments are the same, doing so would be an admission that the prior $250 million project was a total waste, as that's all the Claypool administration admits was then done.

  • The CTA is already doing this with the new 5000 cars allowing riders to get up close and personal with the people sitting on each side of them and staring at the crotches of the people standing in front of them.

  • If it would mean that the "Love Car" would get cleaned, disinfected and de-odorized so that I can get my swerve on without the stink of 10000 unwashed asses, dried urine, and vomit, then Id be in favor of the idea. Anything to get CTA to clean the damn cars.

  • In reply to boofoochoochoo:

    This reminds me of last night,when, in honor of Arthur Conan Doyle's birthday, Craig Ferguson said that there wouldn't be shows like CSI without Sherlock Holmes, but Holmes didn't have the black light and relied on smell. Then he asked Geoff what his finger smelled like, and Geoff replied "Gorilla ass."

    Now, this subject sounds more like for Aquinas wired, but from what the two of you above are implying, maybe the CTA too.

  • Bad idea. Bad, bad, baaaaad.

  • fb_avatar

    What if someone sees me in the love car and tells my girlfriend?

  • In reply to Action Jackson:

    Depends on whom you were with.

  • More OT:
    The Washington Post has an article today about how the DC Metro is going to a new fare collection system, similar to Ventra http://tinyurl.com/of53fx2
    But there's one line that caught my eye: "More than 60 vendors — including Verizon Wireless, Xerox, ATT Wireless, Samsung, IBM, Cisco, HP, MasterCard and Bank of America — are vying for a role in the contract."

    And the only one we heard of here was Cubic? Cubic isn't even listed in that DC list!
    I'll bet the DC contract is half the cost of the CTA's!

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    First, you should have noted this in the preceding paragraph in the article:

    Metro is soliciting a vendor for a five-year contract, which is expected to be worth at least $200 million. It had expected to award a contract for a new payment system in 2012, but “bidders dropped out along the way” and Metro made ­changes in what it was looking for, said Dan Stessel, a Metro spokesman.

    The article also indicated that NYC was having problems finalizing this.

    CTA had engaged in a bidding process. As I suggested a month ago to someone else, since the contract has been awarded as a result of that process, the bidders should be available as a result of a FOIA request. Then one could consider whether the Cubic deal was fixed or not.

    It is a similar situation with regard to the 7000 series rail cars. It is assumed that the specs., by being similar to the 5000s, were slanted toward Bombardier, but apparently nearly every world-wide rail car company sent representatives to the prebid conference, including Alstom, Breda, Bombardier, CAF (USA), Kawasaki, Nippon Sharyo/Sumitomo, Siemens, and Woojin.

    And finally, the article says that the estimated cost in DC is $200 million for a 5 year contract vs. CTA $450 million for a 10-12 year one, and doesn't say anything about the Metrobus system. Hence, the article indicates that you would lose your bet.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Also, related to Scooter's topic, and the previous comments about the Ventra debit card is today's Tribune story about the fees being reduced, but that the CTA would be foregoing a guaranteed $500,000 from those fees. Hence, besides explaining why CTA was pushing the debit cards, it shows that something has to be netted against the $450 million.

  • OT, but CC, I was on a bus this morning with a working microphone.

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    In reply to Cheryl:

    I caught that on either a 22 or 66 recently.

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