Farewell for 5 months to Dan Ryan Red Line

All you south Red Line riders: wipe a tear and say a prayer Friday for your last weekday commute as the Dan Ryan branch prepares to close for five months on Sunday.

By now I hope you’ve mapped out your alternative commute for Monday. If not, the CTA has plenty of options.

And be sure to let us know how it goes next week.



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  • Here is the schedule for the changeover:

    The last Howard- 95th trains:

    Howard Lv 0020 hrs R928
    95th Ar 0129 hrs R928
    95th Lv 0140 hrs R826
    Howard Ar 0245 hrs R826

    These will be the first Howard-Ashland/63 trains:

    Howard Lv 0030 hrs R836
    Ashland Ar 0133 hrs R836
    Ashland Lv 0152 hrs R836
    Howard Ar 0255 hrs R836

  • After further study of the changeover, to me, it seems the primary determiner was to keep the Ashland/63 south side stations open for 24/7 service beginning with the Owl services Sunday morning. As the Green line pm runs would begin their phase-out, Red line pm and midnight runs would be meshed into the schedule and Green line stations from 35th/Bronzeville to Ashland/63 would have seamless service. The changeover was timed for this and not for timetables, schedules, when the day starts, etc. Hmm, clever, smart thinking.

    P.S. The times are 24 hour times. RXXX is the "run number".

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