CTA plans seven-month slow zone work on Purple Line

The CTA in May will begin a seven-month, $2 million slow zone repair project on the Purple Line. More than 6.700 feet of slow zones will be eliminated, and more than 6,000 aged track ties will be replaced during the project, according to the Daily Northwestern.

Also targeted for replacement are some of the wooden beam supports and metal ties going into the ground. State-issued bonds will fund the work.

Red Line Reconstruction: “A Model for Minority Inclusion”

That’s the opinion of Andrea Zopp, president and CEO of the Chicago Urban League:

From the start, CTA was committed to ensuring that the communities impacted by the Red Line Reconstruction Project also benefited from the resources invested in the effort. To make this happen, they sought the help of the Chicago Urban League and other community organizations to work with them to ensure that African Americans had access to jobs and business opportunities.

The CTA continues to do all the right things on the project. Keep it up.

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