CTA launches Red Line south trip planner; information campaign begins

South Red Line riders will use their own trip planner for commutes during the five-month shutdown of the Dan Ryan branch starting May 19. Users will enter a starting point and destination, choose weekday or weekend travel, and indicate a time of travel. The trip planner uses Google Maps to provide information on multiple transit-route options, including travel-time estimates.

Also starting this week, the CTA will deploy “Red Line South Ambassadors” to south Red Line stations to answer customer questions and provide project and travel information. The Red Line South Ambassadors, wearing bright red shirts, will be stationed at the nine affected Red Line stations during the afternoon rush hours, on a rotating basis. They will provide information and answer questions from customers.

In an effort to get the word out about the reconstruction, the CTA also go door-to-door with informational door hangers to homes and businesses near the Red Line. Like fliers, the door hangers will provide alternative transit service suggestions for neighborhoods throughout the project footprint.

It’s great to see this concentrated effort to get information to the community about this necessary but disruptive $425 million rehab project.


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  • I may be 1 (One) Small brown Ant vs Several L A R G E Herds of Elephants (Metra, CTA, RTA)!

    BUT my new Lexmark Color Laser printer can turn out up to 35,000 Gray Line fliers per month -- to hand out at 'L', Bus, and in-city MED stations during the shutdown, to influence the Public into seeking more information about the Gray Line idea, and the CMAP Major Capital Project:
    http://www1.lexmark.com/en_US/products/brochures/c544n-brochure.pdf http://www.grayline.20m.com/

  • I like the trip planner.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    Just doing a bit of messing around with this within the south side indicates that the preferred route is not using the R bus, and routes using the R bus are either a minute longer or shorter than the preferred routes, using the 8A or 4 buses, for example. Is there an intent to keep people away from the R buses even if the south end of the route is on Michigan or State around 95th?

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