Awful day reminds us to be watchful on the CTA

The bombings at the Boston Marathon serve as grim reminders that scary stuff can happen anywhere, anytime. And of course that means Chicago, and the Chicago Transit Authority.

See something say somthingSo the old saying carries even greater weight these days: If you see something, say something.

In Boston, police are now more closely checking bags that riders carry on to trains. In Chicago on Monday afternoon, dozens of police officers swarmed Michigan Avenue as a show of force.

Also on Monday, there was some confusion about the CTA Green and Blue lines. False Twitter messages had gone out stating that the “CPD has shut down the Green and Blue lines to check for explosives.” This was untrue.

Of course, it didn’t help that shortly after the Boston bombing, a track fire on the Red Line forced northbound trains to detour to the elevated tracks around the Loop.  But that fire was put out fairly quickly, and trains resumed their regular subway routing.

Bottom line on all this mayhem: Be on the lookout for suspicious activity and packages. That means we should all look up from our phones occasionally.


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  • Can't figure out why in Boston.

    Anyway I heard on the radio someone from the fire department saying that there really wasn't a track fire, but some sparking, but after hemming for a minute, said that given heightened awareness today, it was a good thing that some passenger reported something suspicious.

  • I think someone confused Chicago's Green and Blue lines with Boston's Green and Blue lines.

  • CTA is a terrorist dream come true,it's not if its going to happen but when?......Never any police on the trains or in the stations.... Poorly trained employees who don't care and don't listen.... Iv stopped taking the red line at am rush hour

  • In reply to airportguy2:

    CTA may be counting on how Boston turned out--that there were enough cameras to catch the perps after the fact. Doesn't do much for prevention, and it may do something for deterrence only if one is not dealing with a suicide bomber.

    I wonder if publicity that iPhones can be traced deters those common thieves.

    But as far as a police presence, you can go back to the ABC7 story where Kevin commented that there wasn't much of a visible one.

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