Harlem Shake on CTA shakes up disabled and senior riders

After ABC7 Chicago aired  a report about the Harlem Shake being performed on the CTA, a blog for people with disabilities warned that passengers should be cautious of  “flash mobs.”

“We that use the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) as our transportation should be concerned of “The Harlem Shake” on our buses and trains,” noted the blog author at Ability Chicago Info blog. “If you are a ‘Person with a Disability’, or a ‘Senior Citizen’ and someone falls or bumps into you, there could be some serious injuries.”

Here are some other Harlem Shake videos recorded on the CTA:


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  • I would be more concerned about those using the strap hanger bar as a monkey bar, which appeared just before you on the I-Team Violence on the CTA story (at about 3:35). If one of them has a bad dismount on someone sitting on the longitudinal seats, the result would be far worse. But maybe they are practicing for the 2016 Chicago Olympics in the horizontal bar gymnastics event.

  • This meme has about run it's course. I am more worried about the Hegewisch Hulu.

  • In reply to Petrd1:

    Would need some central European dance.

  • How about Harwood Heights Hoochie Coochie. The Sauganash Shuffle. I'll stop now.

  • In reply to Petrd1:

    Jeff Park Jazz Hands?

  • In reply to sbcthemuse:

    At least Pulaski Park Polka.

  • Newsflash--people are stupid and love being taped doing stupid things.

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    Would need some central European dance. http://www.lampenled.eu

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