Google changes maps to add colors of CTA transit lines

Google changes maps to add colors of CTA transit lines

Late last year I wrote about a Tattler reader who petitioned Google to use the correct colors for transit lines on its maps.

Well, his campaign worked.

Here’s a note from Seth,who started the petition:

To all of you who signed the petition, Google has implemented the change we requested! Take a look at Chicago under google maps, and select “transit” to see the L rendered in shiny, correct colors. Also note on parts of the system where more than one line converge, the individual lines have been rendered side by side (for example, in the Loop).

Thanks again for your participation – you have helped support public transportation in Chicago.

Way to go Seth, and all who participated.


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  • Not only Chicago, I see they're using correct colors for other cities too. Cool!

  • What is going on with the Metra lines in that picture?

  • Why are all the CTA lines labeled as Metra?

  • In reply to JSStewart:

    It's not a "Metra" label, it's a "Metro" label, which is what most of the world calls their rapid transit trains, as opposed to the train symbol for "Metra".

  • Google still shows all lines as subways.

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