The pantsless to celebrate No Pants Day this Sunday with CTA ride

CTA riders once again will shed their pants this Sunday to mark the 2013 edition of No Pants Day.

The tradition began in New York City in 2002, the brainchild of the folks from Improv Everywhere. And the idea is very simple. A bunch of people get on a few different trains on a cold January day, remove their pants, and proceed to ride as if everything is normal, and everyone else is silly for staring at them.

And of course, there are plenty of different reactions, many of them captured in the video. And it’s hilarious to the motorman on the video say: “Once again passengers, those with no pant, off the train please. The CPD want you off the train. Even funnier is hearing a police officer tell the crowd: “If you don’t have no pants on, step off the train.”

At this time, the exact meetup point and time have not been made public. But check out the Facebook event page for details to emerge.

And watch out for the pantsless Sunday.

Or join them.


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  • As the video eventually makes clear, it isn't sin calzones.

    And, if even so, do those people really want what's on the CTA's seats on their underwear?

  • This is so stupid, I'm surprised it didn't start in California.
    Or maybe among the old farts in Florida!

  • I don't think we want to see a video of their granny panties. I don't think they would even consent to publishing it.

  • I wonder if climate change will eventually killl this off--part of the point is to do it in January, when it's cold.

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