CTA puts finishing touches on Morse station rehab five months after reopening

In August of 2012, we were saying: “What a difference six weeks make.” That’s how long the Morse Red Line station was closed for renovations of the platform, tracks and track bed, station house, and adjacent commercial spaces.

And now we are saying: “What a difference fives months make.” Well, maybe it’s not as dramatic as the six-week makeover, but five months after that, we see good signs of further progress at Morse.

View the photo gallery for those signs of progress. (All photos by Kevin O’Neil / CTA Tattler)


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  • #11 raises a question that basically goes back to the similar signs in Boston, i.e. if you are on the sidewalk on Morse, one should know that one is at Morse. The more typical sign for Chicago would have been Red Line Trains (to Howard 95th). Picture #14 is too small to make out if it is the latter sign.

    On the other hand, the Train Tracker screen in #10 is much more impressive than has been previously seen, but we better hope that it is vandal proof. Remember the taggers two days after the station opened.

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