Last days to ride CTA's Holiday Train

You know the holiday season is coming to an end when we get the schedule for the final days of the CTA’s Holiday Train.

Purple Line. On Wednesday, it will run from Howard to Linden starting at 3:42 p.m. Then it will do a round trip as the Purple Line Express from Linden (at 4:20) to the Loop (5:07 at Clark/Lake) and back north to Linden (6:07). It will end the night going from Linden (6:18) again to Howard (6:33). View the full schedule.

Yellow Line. On Thursday, it’s all Yellow with the first train leaving Howard at 3:05 p.m. and running approximately every 10 minutes from there. The last trip will leave Howard at 7:05. From Dempster in Skokie, the first trip leaves at 3:20, with the last trip leaving toward Howard at 7:20. View the full schedule.

I think Santa has a few more toys and gifts to make/procure, so he’s taking the day off on Friday.

Red/Purple Line. On Saturday, it’s Red and Purple time again for the last day this holiday season. Santa starts on the Red at Howard at 12:37 pm. Assuming things stay on schedule after the long round trip back from 95th/Dan Ryan, the first Purple Line trip from Howard to Linden will start at 3:18. View the full schedule.

In case you missed them, enjoy the photos from last Saturday’s session with Santa on his flat-bed sleigh at Howard.

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