It was a very merry CTA Tattler Christmas

Twas a nice, long Christmas weekend for your CTA Tattler.

It started on Saturday with one final ride on the Holiday Train with my family. The experience still takes you away to another place – certainly not the Red Line.

And when you are the Tattler, it’s not too hard to find CTA-related gifts. My wife found the Red Line Subway Closed sign on eBay from a New York seller. you gotta love the subtle hint of graffiti in the background.

To offset that no-doubt-illegally-purloined sign gift, I shopped at for the lovely CTA Metro Cuff bracelet for my wife.

Here’s to a good year for us Tattlers, and hopes for even better in 2013.


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  • I have never seen those cuff bracelets. I may have to have one for myself.

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