CTA photo gallery: Lawrence, Berwyn rehabs; Loop track work

I have fallen a bit behind showing the “after” photos of the newly rehabbed Berwyn and Lawrence stations on the CTA’s Red Line. Berwyn looks very similar to the other stations, with a bright, expanded stationhouse, more turnstiles, and a concrete platform. Photos are from the CTA Flickr set.

But not so much at Lawrence. There was no indoor “stationhouse” at Lawrence, not is there one now. But it is enclosed with fences, and does feature more turnstiles. And Lawrence is the only one of seven rehabbed Red Line north stations to get a wooden platform. “Because the infrastructure is not fully supported by solid-fill embankment, a precast-concrete platform is not feasible,” said a CTA spokesperson. Photos are from the CTA Flickr set and CTA Station Watch.

Finally, check out the artistic CTA photo in the gallery of Loop “L” track work from early November.




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  • Two things I'm really going to miss this winter at Berwyn: The old To Loop/From Loop train signs that lit up and rang a bell when the train was a minute or two away and the removal of the doors between the fare control area and the stairwells. It was great to be able to wait in the station house with no freezing wind and it was usually several degrees warmer than outside even though it was not heated. It will be colder now that the station is completely open to the stairs. And who knows how long it will be until train tracker message board are installed. Even then it probably won't be visible from the area just inside the turnstiles. Creature comforts? Probably, but little things like this make riding public transit during a Chicago winter bearable.

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