CTA cameras show person wanted in assault at Morse Red Line station

CTA cameras show person wanted in assault at Morse Red Line station
Surveillance cameras at Bryn Mawr station on the Red Line caught these photos of the suspect in a sexual assault at the Morse station Lunt exit.

CTA security released a series of photos of a suspect in the early Wednesday assault of a female at the Lunt exit of the Morse Red Line station. Cameras caught him boarding at Bryn Mawr at 4:50 a.m. and exiting the Morse station at 5:15 a.m.

The woman was attacked on the 1300 block of West Lunt at approximately 5:25 a.m. and chased to the construction area just west of the Lunt entrance where she was assaulted, according to a constituent update email from 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore.

It’s great that the CTA cameras are catching these alleged perpetrators. Now we need cops to catch them.

And the cameras to deter them.


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  • I recognized car 2811, but not him.

    What is indicated here, and also with robberies in Wilmette and the like, is that the suspect rode the CTA and just got off at a station of opportunity. For instance, I doubt that he just happened to get on at Bryn Mawr.

    This guy isn't as conspicuous as the one with the multicolor sweater caught on camera shooting into a bus, so I doubt that his mother is going to turn him in.

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    I would allocate more time to finding any area residence or businesses that have cameras. This may be the break needed that could catch the individual in question getting in a car? taxi? house? This may provide additional information.

  • IIRC, there is a police camera at Morse (Kevin would know better), but that might only be set off by gunshots.

    Other than that, if he cam there by the L, he more than likely left by the same way.

    However, as indicated by the escaping bank robbers, there are cameras all over the city that will pick you up. Also, as indicated by the guy who shot up the bus, the police do not release the best evidence from the CTA cameras, but only those sufficient for identification (i.e. they showed him walking in the bus aisle, but not shooting inside the bus, but the police said that they had the latter).

  • In reply to jack:

    I should modify my last sentence to "shooting into the bus from the outside."

  • Great, now that`s some sensible move by Cops. Punish him!


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    Awesome but what the heck are the cops gonna do. They installed these cameras for better security, they get all these people on tape robbing others. And then they don't catch them. What's the point of that?

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