A look back at 2012 on the CTA in photos - January to June

It was a very busy and fascinating 2012 for the CTA. And your CTA Tattler was right there chronicling it in words and photos.

Read my post “CTA year in review: system improvements, controversial decisions.”

And enjoy these photos that show what happened month by month. This first set takes us through June. Be sure to view photos recapping July through December.

And Happy New Year!


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  • Jan 18: At first I thought it was someone else, but, as April 27 points out, that person doesn't step up the podium in public shots, but, for understandable reasons, lets Emanuel or Peterson speak for him. In any event, I was counting on a picture of the goat. Especially Frank milking it, or, as often happens in kiddie zoos, the goat eating his slicker.

    March 18: Macy's isn't stepping up for anything, although, surprisingly, it did allow its name to be associated with the Chicago Thanksgiving Day Parade for the last couple of years, after insisting that the only real parade was in New York, resulting in the stands being in front of Old Navy.

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