South Side CTA riders to test Jeffery Jump Monday

South Shore CTA commuters finally will get their chance to test the CTA’s first foray into bus rapid transit (BRT) when the #J14 Jeffery Jump debuts Monday. It will replace the #14 Jeffery Express.

Here are the features cited on the web page for the CTA’s “BRT light,” as President Forrest Claypool calls it:

  • Dedicated Bus Lanes: Jump corridors will be striped and signed for dedicated bus lanes between 67th & 83rd during congested periods (northbound from 7-9 AM and southbound from 4-6 PM).
  • Fewer Stops: Average ½-mile Jump station spacing will increase travel speeds. The #15 will continue all local stops, including shared stops at all Jump stations.
  • Transit Signal Priority: Traffic signals from 73rd St. to 84th St. will be upgraded to test an early or extended green light, so the bus can get through the intersection more quickly. This feature will be ready sometime in the first quarter of 2013.
  • Queue Jumps: Bypass lanes will allow a Jump bus to advance through an intersection with a unique traffic signal to move buses ahead of general traffic. A queue jump will be piloted at Anthony Ave. and Jeffery Blvd. early next year.
  • High-Quality Station: A commercial Area Showcase Station will be built at 71st & Jeffery with lighted shelters with Bus Tracker displays, high-visibility kiosks, and ADA-accessible sidewalk ramps. Select locations will also feature bike racks, benches, trash cans, and landscape planters.
  • Vehicle Enhancements: Buses will have unique graphics identifying Jump service for easy identification and will be equipped with on-board Bus Tracker displays so customers can anticipate arrival times at key destinations.

The new wrinkle here is “queue jump” and the “showcase station” at 71st and Jeffery. While there won’t be pre-paid boarding, these new features should make the trip 5-to-7 minutes faster than the usual #14 Jeffery, the CTA says.

Hey Jeffery Jump riders – email me or tweet some photos of your journey and some of the features.


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  • I went by there today. The 71st station seems pretty complete, the one at 100-Paxton seemed like an excavation. There were "yard arms" north of 83rd over the right lane; some had "Buses Only" signs, some did not.

    Also, there is some evidence on that the picture from the Tweet is fake (ask Sam92). Someone else will have to go out there tomorrow to see if the buses are wrapped. Also, from that rumor mill, any existing 4000 series buses will be replaced by 4300 series buses (60DELFRs from the exercised Seattle assigned options), of which someone reported there that deliveries have begun.

  • There's at least one actual bus in those markings -- I saw it downtown last night about 9pm.

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