CTA to increase price of weekly, monthly passes in 2013

Prices for weekly CTA passes in 2013 will increase from $23 to $28, while the 30-day monthly pass will go up from $86 to $100, the CTA said today.

The base fares will stay the same, and there will be no service cuts, according to Crain’s. Also, prices for the one-day passes will rise from the current $5.75 to $10, and the three-day pass will increase from $14 to $20. See also Tribune story.

About half of CTA riders use passes.

UPDATE: CTA news release.

More on this later.


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  • ...or the Tracy Swartz tweets.

    No 2013 budget on the website yet, but I am sure district299reader will give us all the details in the next 5 minutes.

  • Now it is up. Too bad, 299.

  • Excuse me, but have they lost their damn minds? Penalize the cash customer that slows down vehicles and raises costs to process the money not the people who actually buy passes and speed up boarding. Or IDK, stop running inefficient routes.

    Though to be fair, I shouldn't complain- I rarely use passes and pay per ride so for me, nothing really changes. Still though, I feel for those that will bear the brunt of the increase.

    They need to move to a TfL model which pegs fare increases to any yearly changes in cost of living (or something like that).

  • This is absurd. I agree with ibright05, penalize the cash/single ride customers who are using the least efficient and lowest cost of commitment rather than those who plunk down an entire month worth of rides. A single day pass is now priced at $10? Who on earth will purchase that? Just scrap it entirely as that price point.

    And what the hell is up with gouging people leaving OHare? $5 to depart? Even if you have a preloaded card or Chicago card? Go fuck yourself CTA.

    What the hell is wrong with transit minds here in Chicago? First METRA deciding to only up prices on its multi ride and monthly passengers and now CTA following suit. Are we pandering to the single use rider?

  • Agreed, they should be raising the single fare rates. The people who buy monthly passes are your best customers, you don't want to punish them at the expense of the casual rider. Just makes no sense, but this way they can pitch it to the media as fares aren't increasing.

    Also, one article I saw & can no longer find said they were shifting about $80 million from capital to operations. I thought they were done with this shell game. The system needs all the capital money it can get.

  • In reply to joeconey:

    On the 3 preceding posts, the proposal is to increase the 30 day from $86 to $100. The usual assumption for a commuter is 22 work days or 44 linked rides a month. That comes out to $2.27 a ride, so unless you would either have to use a lot of transfers or make weekend trips, that isn't much of a deal.

    Obviously, a 1 day pass going up from $5.75 to $10 would assume 4 or 5 rides to break even.

    On joe's point, the shell game seems to go both ways, in that "sales tax bonds" pay for most of the 5000 series cars, bus overhauls, etc. Since sales tax was supposed to be for operating, that is justified only if it is decreased by lower maintenance costs, but they said that they were working on a tool to establish that. The budget said that capital money pays for other types of bonds.

  • In reply to joeconey:

    Claypool is claiming that they are not transferring any capital funds to operating for the 2nd year in a row. Not sure if that's technically true, but at least that's what he's claiming.

  • Add me to those who want the single fare rider to pay more, a lot more.
    $3 for a cash ride, no transfers.
    Make those using swipe cards pay a little more.
    The system needs to go entirely to smart cards & this Ventra will probably fail as it's not compatible with anything else, except Pace.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    On the last point you have it backwards.

    Ventra is essentially a Visa Blink card. According to the Q&A on the site, one will be able to activate it to be usable at any place that honors debit cards. Also, since it is an open fare system, any Blink card works. The logo on the Ventra samples is exactly the same as on my debit card, but since there are cyberstalkers returning here, I'm not going to say the bank or account number.

    Go back and read ventrachicago.com.

  • In reply to jack:

    I know what they claim, but since this is a CTA project, I fully expect them to screw it up beyond belief!

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Except that most of it is in Cubic's hands. CTA is paying $450 million over 10 years supposedly to take it off its hands.

  • Fares are going down for school kids. I think I can afford an extra $14 a month if the upshot is more kids go to school more often.

  • fb_avatar

    so citizens who use the cta and keep them in business are being penalized by raising the price. Thats makes no sense . I bet they did a poll on which passes are bought the most, and then hiked those passes up damn near double the price. Everyone should boycott this crap or everyone write a damn letter to the cta and the president.

  • In reply to Cynthia Adams:

    Somehow you missed that:

    1. Transit operators in Chicago quit making money in about 1927. The passengers don't keep the "business" going, the taxpayers do.

    2. If you have read the CTA Tattler, or any other information about the CTA (I bet you don't live on Lincoln), you would know that Claypool does not listen. Maybe the post office, which can't break even either, could use your 45 cents (better hurry, it is going up to 46 next Tuesday). And, if you are boycotting, better write LAZ about the parking meters going up.

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