South Green Line station rehab spurs shuttles; north Red Line work continues

Three Green Line station will get a CTA spruce-up this weekend, spurring service interruptions at Indiana, 47th and 51st street stations. Instead, shuttle buses will replace rail service between the 35th-Bronzeville-IIT and Garfield stations. “Renew Crews” from the CTA’s Station Renewal program will create “a cleaner, brighter and more appealing station that improves the customer travel experience,” says the CTA.

The work and bus substitution will run from 10 8 p.m. Friday till 4 a.m. Sunday.

Meanwhile, on the North Side Red Line, track and station rehab work will continue during those same hours this weekend. Southbound trains will not stop at Granville, Thorndale, Bryn Mawr, Argyle, or Lawrence stations.  For service from these stations, take a Howard-bound train to Loyola and transfer to a 95th-bound train. For service to these stations, take a 95th-bound train to Wilson and transfer to a Howard-bound train.

Finally, the Lawrence station will close at midnight Friday till Nov. 30 for six weeks of rehab under the Red North Station Interim Improvement Project. It will be interesting to see if the CTA can make entrance look any better than the current chain link fence enclosures.


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  • After years of insane slow zones on the North Side embankment, I don't even care if they get it back to the 55MPH limit, just 30-35MPH will make me happy.
    The unfortunate era of lowered expectations with the ever incompetent CTA!

  • What you and some other sources clarify, but others don't, is that this and the Noyes station one are part of the "spruce up" project, instead of something different like the North Red one.

    However, conditions must be getting pretty severe if stations have to be closed in both instances, and track in this one.

    Also, chicagonow has become deadly slow in posting comments, but that's another issue.

  • Though you referenced Green Line stations well north of the receiver stations for the Red Line shuttles, why doesnt CTA just run some X routes which cover the "Wild 100s" area along Vincennes, Halsted, Wentworth, Michigan/King Dr and Cottage Grove and then proceed from 9500 S north to a corresponding south green line station? 95th/Red Line would remain as a transfer point only for the 95E/381 and perhaps the 103rd routes.

  • From the looks of the Green Line repair lists on the CTA's Renew Crew page (, I'm thinking that the CTA is getting a jump on next year's shift of passengers to the Green when the Dan Ryan branch of the Red Line closes for five months. To make things nice, you know?

  • In reply to Patrick Barry:

    Looks like mostly just painting metal that hadn't been touched up in 16 years, powerwashing, and a few other incidentals. Doesn't look like anything major enough to shut down the line.

    And I am sure that CTA isn't concerned about making things "nice" for Red Line riders. It better be concerned about how it is going to handle the crowds it thinks it will get at Garfield.

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