News pickup: Wells St. bridge to shut to "L" traffic in spring

Here’s a roundup of recent CTA news and notes:

Wells St. bridge reconstruction to stop “L” traffic in spring. The Wells Street bridge will be closed for a year starting Monday to vehicles and pedestrians. CTA Brown and Purple line trains will still traverse the upper part of the bridge for now. However, the CTA says “L” traffic will halt for two separate nine-day periods in March and April. Alternative bus and rail services will be provided.  “The CTA No. 11 Lincoln/Sedgwick and No. 125 Water Tower Express buses will be rerouted via Kinzie and LaSalle streets and Wacker Drive back to Wells,” according to the Trib..

“El Stories: Holiday Train” to depart starting Nov. 24. The Waltzing Mechanics will bring back their festive tales of the CTA’s Holiday Train on Saturdays starting at 11 p.m. Nov. 24 in the Greenhouse Theater Center, 2257 N. Lincoln Ave. “El Stories: Holiday Train” is adapted from interviews by members of Waltzing Mechanics. Tickets are $15 and are available in advance at or 773-404-7336. The real CTA Holiday Train probably will debut before Nov. 24, but the schedule has not yet been firmed up. Stay tuned for that.

Two “(m)ad men” claim “L” Challenge crown. Two co-workers at the Starcom Worldwide ad agency have set a new record for riding through every station on all eight CTA rail lines. Garrett Sorrels and Chris Aubin completed the feat in 9 hours 12 minutes 39 seconds. Grid Chicago has the story and photos.



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  • 1. Find the error in the first story.

    2. Find the error in the second story.

    3. At least the 2 ad men detailed in Grid how they did it. Also they pointed out that they used transit apps and had the benefit of some trains running express.

  • Lincoln/Sedgwick will be split by then, it'll be 37 Sedgwick that is rerouted

  • In reply to whateva:

    The split between 11/37 does not take place until Mid-December. The re-route starts Monday so the route will still be #11 Lincoln.

  • In reply to Richard S.:

    So, maybe it wasn't an error.

  • Well, won't that be fun--take the train to Sedgwick, transfer to a bus, then back on the train, depending on where you are going. Yeah, no one will complain about that.

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