News pickup: New rail ATMs, doors-opening chimes

Here are some CTA stories from the past couple of weeks.

New ATMs, concessions at rail station. The CTA soon will bring 57 new automated teller machines to all eight rail lines. The three-year agreement with Welch ATM is expected to generate $70,000 per year for three years. The number of ATMs will grow by 72 percent under the agreement. The board this month also approved concession leases, including a minority-owned produce business at the Ashland/63rd station on the Green Line. Lunderman Produce will open the first produce business on the CTA system. In another first, the Interurban Café and Pastry shop will the first business to be located at the recently renovated Grand Avenue Red Line station. In addition, INS LLP, which leases spaces at other CTA properties, will open three additional newsstands at Cumberland and Jefferson Park stations on the Blue Line and at the Chicago Red Line station.

Ding dong, doors opening. New chimes to let visually impaired riders know doors are opening will be added to the newest Series 5000 rail cars. The CTA decided to provide the additional audio cues to assist passengers after receiving feedback from customers who indicated they had trouble locating train car doors from the platform. The change was prompted by blind customers who couldn’t hear the doors opening because the new cars are so quiet. The change to the door chimes will come at no charge to the CTA from Bombardier Transportation, which provides the 5000 series cars. To date, 126 cars have been delivered and are currently deployed on the Green and Pink Lines.

Meeting for public input on north Red Line art. The CTA on Tuesday will give riders a chance to discuss what kind of art they would like to see incorporated in the works being commissioned for the seven stations in the Red North Station Interim Improvements Project. The meeting will start at 6 pm at CTA headquarters, 567 W. Lake. Artists interested in participating have now submitted their portfolios.  Entries are being reviewed by an evaluation committee, which will then select approximately 25 artists based on artistic merit, qualifications and professional recognition of the artists, and artists’ written statements of interest. The group of about 25 artists will then be asked to submit specific art proposals and the seven artists ranked highest among the group will be offered a commission.


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  • 1% for public art, also known as a total waste of money for incomprehensible garbage that no on understands, except for the "artist", who does understand he/she has ripped off the CTA & enriched themselves just for welding some scrap together, flinging paint onto canvas, etc!

  • Setasides for public art does have a background, e.g. the Batcolumn in front of the Social Security building.

    On the other hand, while someone would be willing to put ATMs in CTA stations, I really wonder who would want to withdraw 10 $20s there. It is bad enough with the beggars around the Transit Card machines and the iTheives.

  • FYI, I just did something I very rarely do: I deleted a comment because the commenter wished bodily harm on another commenter. That is not acceptable on this blog.

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