Funny video captures those common CTA train experiences

Funny video captures those common CTA train experiences

With Hurricane Sandy pounding the much of the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic states, and with transit systems shut down in all of the major coastal cities, I figured we could all use a little shot of transit humor.

This video was made on a CTA Red Line train earlier this year, and it contains some very common “Thoughts on the Subway” and experiences. Such as:

“You’re touching my leg! Stop touching my leg!”

“Are my feet stuck to the floor? Is that piss or soda?”

“Don’t run express … don’t run express!

“No eye contact.”

Unfortunately, video makers Windy City Roomies have disabled video embedding, so you have to wander over to YouTube to watch it. But it is worth the extra click for some on-the-mark CTA chuckles.

Hat tip to Adham.


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  • The first 20 seconds are typical.

    However, like Dr. Bob Hartley, he doesn't explain how he boards a north side Red Line train of 2600s, but immediately (at :27) is on car 3386, presumably a Brown Line train, which does end at Kimball. Nor how piss sticks.

  • fb_avatar

    Heh, the first 20 seconds are essentially me at State/Lake after school.

    As for the rest....production fail?

    Either way, this was hilarious. :3

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