Cops, Guardian Angels, phone app combine to nab CTA iPhone thieves

Chicago police with the help of some Guardian Angels and Apple’s Find My iPhone app today arrested two suspects in a Red Line robbery early Tuesday.

A woman on the Red Line after midnight Tuesday said four teenagers attacked her from behind and grabbed her iPhone, racing off the train at the Chicago stop. She encountered the Guardian Angels at Grand, and that’s when the phone hunt was on.

The NBC Chicago video explains how the Apple tracker app showed the robbers fled on a Brown Line train into the Loop. Police finally caught them and arrested two teens. Combine great police work (with Guardian Angel assist) and excellent technology, and we may put a bite bite in these CTA “apple-picking” heists.


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  • Haven't the scum figured out yet that all cell phones have gps? Even without the app, the police can still track interaction with the tower (as happened when they determined that the NU student probably was in Wilmette Harbor). This isn't like the advertisement for "we pay big bucks for copper."

  • In reply to jack:

    When you don't go to school, you think phones use magic, not GPS.

  • In reply to chris:

    Undoubtedly true, but one would think that Skinnerian behaviorism would eventually have an effect, i.e. word might get out that 26th and California is not such a pleasant place, and if you steal an iPhone,* you probably will end up there..

    But I was rejected from a jury hearing a case about someone escaping home monitoring, so if he was that dumb, he'll get a taste of the Cook County Department of Corrections from the inside.

    I suppose that Scooter will have something about Social Darwinism soon.

    *For some reason, we don't hear much about people stealing Samsung Galaxy S or Google Razr.

  • In reply to chris:

    I'll try again, hopefully avoiding the queue of oblivion.

    chris, undoubtedly true, but you would think that Skinnerian behaviorism would have some effect. At some point the word should get out that 26th and California is not such a pleasant place. I'm sure that the Department of Corrections is even worse.

    I suppose that Scooter will have something about Social Darwinism soon.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to jack:

    I thought Social Darwinism only applied if these brats had actually jumped onto the third rail to avoid getting caught by the police? :P

  • You are correct sir!
    Social Darwinism is when the truly stupid remove themselves from society.

    OT, but a bit relevant, someday, someone will manage to figure out why people drive around lowered crossing gates.
    Yesterday at 115th & Marshfield was yet another appalling example of that.
    News reports said there have been at least five drive around collisions at that crossing!

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    On the OT, some other commenter blamed it on Metracide, but one wouldn't find it comprehensible that she would also want to take out her two children. Fortunately, she didn't.

    Also, her husband(?) commented on TV that he didn't understand why she went around the gates, which certainly precludes suing Metra.

    As indicated by me and somewhat by chris's reply, the iPhone snatchers are getting into the category of the truly stupid.

    But I would agree that going around the gates is a more immediate example of Social Darwinism taking effect.

  • Depends on if the authorities let them breed in jail.

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