Thorndale CTA station to reopen Friday with new "bike hub" on horizon

An almost-new Thorndale station will reopen at 10 p.m. Friday with a promise to accommodate the growing number of bike/CTA commuters.

A “bike hub” will be located on the south side of the Thorndale viaduct, 48th Ward Alderman Harry Osterman announced Wednesday:

The Thorndale Bike Hub will include well-designed racks for a capacity of 60 bikes and a new bike fix-it station for cyclists to utilize. CDOT will install a safe crosswalk under the viaduct and there will be new, bright lighting throughout the space. This concept was inspired by Alderman Osterman, and created in partnership with CDOT and the CTA, after the Alderman visited Copenhagen in the spring 2012 to study bicycle infrastructure. The bike hub will be completed over the next 3-4 months.

This comes on top of news that a bike parking lot will be built at the Lunt entrance to the Morse station, where a dilapidated storefront recently was demolished. It’s great to see the CTA and CDOT working with alderman to create these bike parking options.

Meanwhile, the Thorndale station will feature the usual great amenities that we’ve seen at Morse: spacious stationhouse, new lighting and amenities on the platform and rebuilt track beds. Read more about what you’ll find, and look for a Tattler review later.

Next up: The Berwyn station will close at midnight on Oct. 5. See more info about that project.


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  • Copenhagen? Apparently didn't bring back something from the last post from there.

  • Has anyone else seen the latest money wasting foolishness from the clowns at Lake & Jefferson?

    When I went out to the bus stop near my house, there was a small sign attached at eye level telling people that they can find their bus's location by texting or bus tracker, a few feet right under the regular bus stop sign THAT TELLS THEM EXACTLY THE SAME THING!

  • I just heard about Ventra, which is not the stupidest name they could have chosen for the new fare card, I'm sure there are worse, but I can't think of any & which bizarrely leaves out Metra!
    Nowhere on their wretched site does it have anything about replacing the current Circuit Breaker ride free cards which two of my neighbors have & hate because they don't work all the time.

  • "Ventral" is a Latin-derived medical term which signifies: of or relating to the belly or abdomen, or near or in the direction of the belly or abdomen as opposed to the back or dorsal surface.

  • In reply to CCWriter:

    That was supposed to be a reply to Scooter.

  • In reply to CCWriter:

    You're wrong!
    I read the following on their website:
    Q: Where did you get the name Ventra?
    A: The name Ventra is derived from the Latin word “ventus,” meaning “wind.” Ventra reflects Chicago’s nickname “The Windy City,” and reinforces public transit as an integral part of the city’s culture and history.

    It's still a shitty & stupid name!
    I wonder how much they wasted on this to one of the branding companies?

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Wrong? What they said about how they came up with the name may be true, but what I said about "ventral" is also accurate. The CTA's naming geniuses just failed to take into account that the Latin venter or ventr- means belly. so that adding an R to the wind would add overtones taking in that direction. Real experts in naming should know by now to check what they come up with for unintended implications and associations. Or maybe these guys just figure we're all uneducated.

  • In reply to CCWriter:

    You're suffering from a severe case of cognitive dissonance!
    They used one Latin word to develop their name & you insist they used another one, despite the fact that they flat out say exactly ho they came up with the name.
    No one cares what Latin word you used, all that matters is the one they used, so now you're wrong twice!

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Scooter, read my comments again and say if I ever said anything like that they actually used a different word. No, I did not. I accepted their story which you quoted, that is, I did not dispute that that is how they came up with the name. What I did say in effect was that the name they came up with sounds more like a different Latin word, and it is one which I did not make up.

    In fact, the thing about naming that really matters is that the people exposed to the name don't know or care anything about the thought process and what the word was supposed to have been based on. Unless that story accompanies every use of the name, it will have no effect on the perception. All they are actually exposed to is the name that resulted. A good name brings up the intended associations, not the unintended ones!. And "Ventra" will likely sound like "stomach" rather than "windy transit vending" to anyone who knows basic anatomical terms. So, no, I am not wrong in what I said, not even once.

  • In reply to CCWriter:

    No one cares what your Latin is.
    No one other than the 14 Latin speakers in Chicago will ever get what you wrote because nobody has ever heard of this foolishness!
    You are wrong & you are a pedantic fool for not understanding that!

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    You continue to miss the point. I never studied Latin. I did study English and science, and I do know something about branding and communications. Also logic.

    You have implicitly admitted, by your reference to the Latin root they drew on in their selection of the term, that it's relevant to the issue. Indeed, such roots are commonly drawn on in naming because most educated people have some idea of word derivations in English, including those that come to us from Latin through French, or have cognates in Spanish, etc.. But there are two Latin roots that might apply, not just one. Therefore the name they picked is not going to fall on everyone's ears the way they think it will. If you can't understand that point, it doesn't mean I'm the one with the problem.

    Also, if you think I can ever be intimidated by the flames of a troll, you're quite mistaken.

  • In reply to CCWriter:

    I have implied nothing!
    They picked the name & they gave the exact reasoning behind the decision for picking that name!
    You're then saying that their reasoning was wrong!
    You're apparently claiming to be a mindreader with that bullshit.
    You are the troll for both calling someone a troll for no reason & for denying the obvious.
    If you think there's a different root behind the name, then complain to them, not me or this blog!
    The insanity of the sciolist in you is appalling!

  • In reply to CCWriter:

    This argument has become pedantic.

    I gave my opinion under the Sun-Times article, if anyone cares.

    I also noted the similarity to Metra, even though Metra is not "on board."

    Basically what it comes down to is that a trademark must be unique, in the sense of not having a secondary meaning (hence Lite Beer is not a valid trademark) and not used by anyone else. Those, like Kodak, are already in use, although I suppose that someone could buy that one out of bankruptcy.

    Maybe they could have come up with a Polish word that works (and, despite what people say, Kodak is not Polish).

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