CTA's Jump bus ready to leap over stuck traffic on Jeffery Boulevard

“Able to jump slow Jeffery Boulevard with a unique traffic signal!” It’s not a bird, nor a plane – it’s the new Jeffery Jump bus!

That’s what the CTA is calling its version of bus rapid transit (BRT) on the Jeffery Boulevard corridor coming this fall. The CTA Tuesday showed off the bus to be labeled J14 Jeffery Jump, wrapped in blue and branded Jump.

Here are the features cited on the web page for the CTA’s “BRT light,” as President Forrest Claypool calls it:

  • Dedicated Bus Lanes: Jump corridors will be striped and signed for dedicated bus lanes between 67th & 83rd during congested periods (northbound from 7-9 AM and southbound from 4-6 PM).
  • Fewer Stops: Average ½-mile Jump station spacing will increase travel speeds. The #15 will continue all local stops, including shared stops at all Jump stations.
  • Transit Signal Priority: Traffic signals from 73rd St. to 84th St. will be upgraded to test an early or extended green light, so the bus can get through the intersection more quickly.
  • Queue Jumps: Bypass lanes will allow a Jump bus to advance through an intersection with a unique traffic signal to move buses ahead of general traffic. A queue jump will be piloted at Anthony Ave. and Jeffery Blvd.
  • High-Quality Station: A commercial Area Showcase Station will be built at 71st & Jeffery with lighted shelters with Bus Tracker displays, high-visibility kiosks, and ADA-accessible sidewalk ramps. Select locations will also feature bike racks, benches, trash cans, and landscape planters.
  • Vehicle Enhancements: Buses will have unique graphics identifying Jump service for easy identification and will be equipped with on-board Bus Tracker displays so customers can anticipate arrival times at key destinations.

The new wrinkle here is “queue jump” and the “showcase station” at 71st and Jeffery. While there won’t be pre-paid boarding, these new features should make the trip 5-to-7 minutes faster and the usual #14 Jeffery, the CTA says.


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  • fb_avatar

    Not sure how I feel about the name "Jump Bus."

  • If the CTA implements "BRT light" on other streets will each street have their own unique name and unique bus paint job?

  • In reply to Richard S.:

    The mind boggles at that, starting with Ashland. I was thinking the Thorndale Trots, but it is not getting a bus line.

    While a condition of this grant was "branding" one has to wonder about fleet flexibility if various lines have their own fleet, and, as someone suggested on chicagobus.org, you have to move a bus from 14 to 6.

    Undoubtedly though, this is a wrap, not a repainting. Probably affects how much advertising they can sell on the outside of the bus, though.

  • Yeah, I've been getting Tweets about this thing. So I unfollowed the CTA because I don't care about the Jeff.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    Which brings up an interesting question. There was a thread on chicagobus.org where it was indicated that CTA released this via Twitter before the official press release, and such sources as the Tribune got the illustration via the tweet. That was replaced by the administrator with a copy of the tweet.

    Thus, the question is whether CTA is getting with the times, or this isn't an effective means of communication.

  • Jack, I think it's fine to release something first on Twitter, as long as they follow up with a regular release.

    Cheryl: Isn't there other stuff on CTA's Twitter feed of interest to you? Certainly no one is interested in EVERYthing. Just gotta tune it out.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    No, not really. They seem to use that account for stuff like the Jeffrey Jump. I can get important tweets from the route specific accounts.

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