Twitpic roundup: "Does anybody really know what time it is?"

I’ve been busy lately posting some photos on CTA Tattler’s Twitter feed via Twitpic. I know that not all my readers are Twitter users, so here’s what you’ve missed. Click the photos and read the captions.



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  • #1- Maybe your brother can straighten it out. Or, unlike Minneapolis and St. Paul in the bank commercial, Chicago and Evanston are in different time zones.

    #2-I mentioned the etchers, but the other types of jerks hit first. Looks like they will have to put in a "red light camera sized" camera in every unattended area in each station.

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    #2-Why can't we have anything looking nice for more than a week in this godforsaken town? >.<

    #3-They should have put in the fine print that most CTA signage is not made to scale.

  • #2-Because gang toughs think grafitti is art. Or scares the other ethnic groups that use that station. Sort of like a male cat marking his territory (which may happen here next). Maybe they should be neutered.

    #3-In that case, the only issue is whether Jarvis should be close to the midpoint between Howard and Morse. Probably not. That map is to some scale, in that it is not a mile long. Now, maybe if there was a picture of the map on the other side, and someone wants to make an argument that Morse to Howard should be the same as Morse to 95th... but that map will soon be obsolete for at least 5 months.

  • In reply to jack:

    Just FYI on #2: When I checked this morning, the graffiti in that stairway had been removed.

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