How to get to Lollapalooza via CTA trains and buses

All roads lead to Lollapalooza. But forget about driving and high parking fees. The CTA is the best bet to get you close enough.

With Jackson and Balbo both closed between Michigan and Lake Shore Drive for the weekend, there will be many bus routes. The CTA has not released final details, but they will here by Thursday night. Most buses will be rerouted to adjacent streets.

But actually, CTA rail is the best way to go. They are a bit more reliable and frequent, and again, will get you close enough. The two entrances are between Jackson and Balbo, and on Monroe at Columbus. Trains running on the Loop elevated track will get you closest: Brown, Orange, Green or Pink. Exit at Adams/Wabash or Madison/Wabash.

For users of the both the Red and Blue lines, exit at Monroe or Jackson. CTA will operate longer trains more frequently.

Finally, pay attention to your surroundings. Notice who is there, who might be watching you. Don’t be a victim.

And have some fun.


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  • And if you live on the South Side and care about that music, the Metra Electric will take you right to the gate, something CTA won't. But those in Hyde Park already knew that.

  • I am taking Sunday off work because I get out at the same time as the concerts let out. Last year I got to share a Brown Line train with drunken, wet hipsters. I'm not doing that this year.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    Take the UPN line and associate with a higher class of drunks.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    Feel your pain. Got into Union Station on an hour-delayed Amtrak last night around 11:45 and got to enjoy attempting to leave the station and then riding a Brown Line packed with drunken, muddy Lollaites. As I said to my seatmate after, thankfully, most of them alighted at Fullerton, "God, I feel old."

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