I will step on your foot if you stand in the exit of CTA bus, "L" car

There. You’ve been warned.

But let me just say it again to be clear:

I will step on your foot if you are standing in the bus or “L” car doorway while I’m trying to exit.

Is that rude of me? Maybe. But I doubt it will hurt much, and I hope it might teach you a lesson:

Be polite and get out of the damned way!

Just step off the train onto the platform or move out of the bus doorway when people are trying to exit.

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that more lugs are blocking the way when others are trying to leave
I really do hope your foot doesn't look like this after I step on it.

I really do hope your foot doesn’t look like after I step on it. And yes, women block doors too.


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  • I don't think the exit obstructors are regular readers of your block. Of course, I might be wrong. So I'm wearing iron boots the next time a ride the CTA.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    I was heading in the same direction as Aquinas wired's last sentence. People have to wear metatarsal boots in most industrial plants. While industry is down in this region, they could become the next piece of gang fashion. So, expect a sore sole.

  • I agree with Aqui, I believe those who are ridiculous enough to be that inconsiderate certainly cannot read.... Can they?

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    I actually have a bigger problem with the idiots who try and board the train prior to everyone exiting first. Those people need to be hurt.

  • Other people who need their foot stepped on include:

    The person who has his fully stuffed backpack on in the middle of the train.

    The person who grabs poles on both sides of the aisle in that classic-jesus-drunken-sailor pose and refuses to let go with either hand.

    The afore-mentioned people who board before letting people off ( these people should be stepped on twice.)

    And the people who feel entitled to open both pages of a newspaper on a crowded train.

    I could go on. but I'd rather start putting "tings" on the bottom of my shoes.....

  • Go ahead. Step on my toes. See what happens. Its not like there isnt already enough rude behavior on the CTA already. You know what, how about you open your mouth and say "Excuse me" if you think Im in your way. PRETEND for a moment that you live in a civilized world. Who do you think you are? Listen up, Princess; weve all got our crosses to bear when it comes to riding the CTA. You think youre royalty? That I ought to curtsy in your presence? The reason Im standing in the first place is because the seats that arent taken up by scumbag homeless people toting around bags of trash in the adjacent seat, are being annexed by some big giant fat persons ass. Or have been covered in dookie stains. Or have the remains of someones rib tip feast. Were all just doing our best to get where were going. So bring it on, tough guy. That third rail has your name written all over it, and Im just the huckleberry to bring you two together.

  • In reply to boofoochoochoo:

    Hi Boofoo. Just for the record, I am a king, so I would expect you to just bow, not curtsy.

    Ha ha! just kidding.

    Seriously, I have probably only accidentally stepped on two or three feet in fumbling my way out of a train doorway with two people on either of the doorway. My point here is that we would all get to our destination a little faster if those two people stepped off to allow those exiting to leave two abreast.

    I have said "excuse me" countless times and I just get blank stares.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    The reason you get blank stares is because they're plugged into headphones playing music loud enough for you, but apparently not them, to hear.

  • I'm not the foot-stomping type, but I have been known to provide verbal guidance to the oblivious door-blockers, especially when there is room for them in the center of the car, away from the doors. Another source of irritation is the space-hogger who has stepped just into the center aisle but won't move to the empty middle, thus creating a jam around the doors. There's an unbelievable lack of spatial awareness by some riders, and disrespect for the crowd. They've obviously never ridden transit systems in other cities where "crush loading" makes riding a whole different experience.

  • I used to get all angry about that sort of stuff. I still do to some extent, ESPECIALLY the people plowing on while people are trying to get off.

    But then I realized, I am just going to have to deal with that crap if I want to ride PUBLIC transit. Emphasis on the public because the public as a whole is rude, oblivious, and too engrossed in their own little world to worry about what is going on around them. You have to realize most people don't actually mean to annoy you, they are just too dumb to know the right way to do things, and too lazy to learn.

    So, I'll say excuse me if I have to, push past if I have to, or whatever, and try not to worry about it too much. Stomping on someone's foot is not going to change their behavior, and at worst it's going to put you in a position of having to fight someone. It's not worth it to get too wrapped up in it. All the frustrations are still much better than paying a fortune (in money and annoyances) driving!

  • I don't think Kevin is talking about people who are standing in the doorway because there is no place else left to stand. I've noticed such people don't need any reminding to let others out.

    I will pointedly speak up, exaggeratedly saying "excuse me" (or "excuse US") while squeezing past pairs of doorway occupiers, when it's clear they are just treating the doorway area as their own personal first-class compartment in the face of its actual function. As for people who try to enter the door in a tight formation without letting others off first, I will inform them that they have to let us off. And I do say "US" because it's not just me who is affected..

    My own pet peeve is people who get on an L car or bus that has vacant seats, but they will stop and take up a position between other boarders and the seats. If you don't want to sit, please try not to prevent others from doing so. If the only way to get out of the way is to take a seat yourself, would it kill you to do that, at least temporarily?

  • I can't remember how many times I've tried to exit at Fullerton to change trains and can't get off because of all the people crowding the door trying to get on the train. Well, they can't do that while I'm standing there, and hey, I can transfer at Belmont.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    Yep! Simply standing where you are can be very effective, when others are moving in an inappropriate fashion. This also works on sidewalks and crosswalks, when people don't make any effort whatsoever to stay to the right (as we do in the US last time I checked) enough to allow even one person to pass in the opposite direction. Standing and waiting calmly is a non-aggressive way to get the message across.

  • CC wrote: "I don't think Kevin is talking about people who are standing in the doorway because there is no place else left to stand. I've noticed such people don't need any reminding to let others out."

    Actually, yes, I am talking about all people who are standing in the doorway. It's fine to stand there, especially when it's crowded, but please just step off the train at each stop. Just makes for easier/faster disembarking and boarding.

  • I personally only do the foot stomp on door huggers when there are seats everywhere and they are still stuffing them selves in the door chute. When the trains and buses are crowded, like all the time these days it seems, it is uncomfortable for everyone I am more solicitous to my fellow passengers. When crowding conditions are borderline stomping only happens if they are oblivious and / or rude about blocking the doors.

  • My biggest pet peeve is when someone comes to a dead stop at the bottom of an escalator or exiting a revolving door and does a leisurely look-see around to figure out where he/she is -- ESPECIALLY during rush hour. That's downright dangerous!

  • It's annoying on the L, but ESPECIALLY annoying on the bus! What part of "move to the back of the bus" do these people not understand?!

    One time this sizable lady was taking up most of the aisle by the front door while I was trying to board. As I tried to squeeze by her ample girth with my own ample girth without touching her, she said, "That's OK, honey, you can touch me." I was like, "But I don't WANT to!" And I shouldn't HAVE to! The freaking bus was half empty, but she had to stand right up front in everybody's way.


  • I agree with everything everybody said here. Where does the disrespect start? At home as a kid, in college? Or, are these people just truly "DUMB," like one of the other commenters said? I lean more towards a lack of respect when I see the way we treat each other. It's truly sad.

  • This is every single day on the blue and brown lines. People are indeed extremely rude with not moving out of the way to let people off, plowing people down while getting on, knocking people over with their backpacks - two weeks ago I had to PUSH a backpack off my head - and tell the woman to "get your backpack off my head!!!" and she had the nerve to get mad.... (I didn't touch the woman and she proceeded to take up two seats and block the aisle. Take a cab if you have that much stuff!!!)

    I don't know - it seems people have less and less manners these days and it doesn't seem to be getting better. I normally ask "excuse me" at least twice before I either push my way out or step on toes. By not moving you're telling me that you don't care about being civil and that you're the only one on the PUBLIC transportation that matters.

  • It's usually easy to step off the train momentarily to let people off and then step back in to take your place near the door if there are no available seats. Just step a few feet away from the door so the operator can still see down the platform. Oddly, I find myself doing this most of the time at Addison when Howard-bound in evening rush hour.

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    Stomp on MY feet and I will, I'm not kidding, lay you out right then and there. Seriously??!! What passive-aggressive BS! ASSAULTING people because they get in your way?! How about this? "Excuse me, sir or ma'am, you are obstructing the exit and I am trying to exit the train. Would you please move out of the way so I can exit." Is Chicago REALLY that angry of a town? They have medication and counseling for people like you, really.

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