Granville reopens; rehab gets a B-minus

After six weeks of on-again, off-again rehab work on the Granville Red Line station house and platform, the Edgewater station opened for business with little fanfare at 10 pm Friday.

Let it be known that’s two hours ahead of schedule, amid a smattering of rumors the CTA would miss its own deadline. It’s good for local riders at the station with about 4,000 daily weekday boardings.

But the station rehab certainly is not finished. A tough grader would give the CTA an incomplete on this rehab, but I’ll grade it as a B-minus.

The CTA delivered on these promises:

  • Concrete repairs, painting and sealing/coating of the viaduct
  • Upgraded lighting under the viaduct
  • Masonry repairs and new tuckpointing on the station house exterior
  • New windows, doors and exterior lighting on the station house
  • New station house interior finishes (i.e. walls, flooring, ceiling), lighting and signage
  • Improved station house interior layout/circulation
  • Sidewalk repairs and new bike racks outside of the station house
  • Refurbished platform foundations, decking, fixtures and furnishings
  • Refurbished canopy structure

Some incomplete items that I documented in photos below include

  • Platform shelters
  • Storefront windows/walls
  • Repairs to the base of some viaduct columns
  • New concrete barriers between lanes of Granville

In my opinion, the platform also needs more benches. No doubt more will be placed inside the coming shelters. Some of the deteriorated ties and tracks also probably will be replaced before the Red North interim improvement project is complete. But I was told there’s no water seepage into stores below, so no need for the massive rail bed replacement we’re seeing at Morse and Jarvis.

The CTA started with the station that needed the least amount of work and got it done. Now it’s working on Morse, which arguably could be its hardest job, given the above-mentioned water problems, plus commercial spaces to rehab on both sides of Morse and at the Lunt entrance.

Look for an update later this week on work at Morse and Jarvis.

View a CTA photo set with more details.


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  • They might have reopened it in six weeks as promised, but as I predicted, they didn't finish it in six weeks.
    I wonder how much over budget it will be or will they just cancel stuff to stay in budget?

    From the pix, it looks the same as before, but no shelters.
    I'll check it out soon.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    We're going to have to wait to see if this turns up on the July 18 Construction Report. While there have been discrepancies in construction reports, that still seems to be the only bow to accountability still on

  • As a local Granville resident, Im glad to no longer have to trapse down to Thorndale to hop the Red Line. But after seeing the work done at Granville, I dont really understand why the work done took 6 weeks.

    Also: Does anyone know what CTA plans to do with the spaces under the tracks on the North end of the Granville Viaduct? At the moment it appears to be used by the Construction crews as storage, but do we know what long term plans are for these spaces? Will they be rented out again as before?

  • In reply to boofoochoochoo:

    Boo, crews will be installing new windows in those storefronts, and the CTA will be renting them thought Jones Lang LaSalle.

  • I checked out the station house over the weekend, though I haven't been up to the platform yet.

    The interior finishes look bland and neutral, but they are fresh and clean, which is certainly a change. If anyone wants something fancy like a mural, I imagine the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce or Edgewater Community Council could take on the project.

    I didn't detect any difference in the interior layout.

    If the number of benches when the job is complete is the same as before, that'll be good enough for me. If the CTA can only have so many benches, I'd rather see some added on the platforms at Howard and Monroe.

    I am really looking forward to an audible P.A. system. But I'll believe it when I hear it.

    Right now, my fondest wish is for the slow zone between Loyola and Granville to go away.

  • fb_avatar

    I have read and re-read and re-read everything the CTA have stated in it doesn't say anywhere that the repairs and everything else will be done when the station re-opens as you have made up by your statements. So curious, did you not read the information correctly? Or are you purposely misleading people reading this?

  • In reply to James F:

    James, I assume you're replying to Scooter. I know they didn't say they were going to finish it. I think I made it clear that the CTA did deliver on what they did promise.

    When they finish the other stuff, we may raise their grade! ;-)

  • fb_avatar

    This is to you Kevin O'Neil,The CTA did not promise they would have the work done in 6 weeks. They said, it would be closed. They also said they would do certain work. They NEVER said all the work would be done in 6 weeks. You Kevin O'Neil are assuming this and you are misleading people.

    Maybe we should grade how you are telling things, cause clearly you are not telling the whole truth.

  • In reply to James F:

    At least it is now included in the Construction Report, starting page 11, although as of the July one, most of the steps are "ongoing."

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