Exposed butt man (always avoid eye contact)

(As CTA Tattler takes a brief summer’s respite, we’ll publish “Tattler Tales” from the very early days of CTA Tattler. I started chronicling all things seen and heard on the CTA in June 2004. Here I introduce Rule No. 1 on the CTA.)

We’re headed south on the Red Line at about 10:30 a.m.

A young black man got on the train at Loyola. He had a tracheotomy port in his neck. He was barefoot. Wearing a hospital gown. With no underwear. And you know, those hospital gowns don’t cover the back very well. He was very jittery.

As usual, no one else on the car seemed to notice.

Rule No. 1 on the CTA: Avoid eye contact at all cost.

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  • Wisdom for all times and places.

  • Apparently, there is a "post acute care" hospital in that neighborhood from which he could escape.

  • Apparently the hospital staff was watching Faux News and heard the Affordable Care Act had been overturned and they threw the free rider out.

  • In reply to symes4u:

    Especially since George Bush implemented the Affordable Care Act in 2004.

  • In reply to jack:

    Is that so? Well that explains it then. Doesn't it.

  • In reply to symes4u:

    Besides, if you are referring to 2012 instead of 2004, it was reportedly CNN.

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