CTA to demolish storefront near Lunt entrance to Morse Red Line station

Another storefront will come off the CTA rent rolls this week after demolition of the long-vacant space on the west side of the Lunt entrance to the Morse Red line station.

“Though the original plan called for the rehabilitation of the storefront, a closer examination of the structure revealed that it is in imminent danger of collapsing,” 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore announced in an email Monday to constituents. “The CTA tells me their budget does not allow for the construction of a new storefront.  I am currently working with the CTA on an acceptable plan for the new open space that will result from the demolition.”

We previously reported that the former location of a currency exchange just to the east of the main Morse entrance is now part of an expanded footprint for the station house.

After the demolition on Lunt, the entire Morse/Lunt CTA complex will have at least six commercial spaces. Three of them are currently rented. There could be more depending on how the CTA divided the space.

Meanwhile, on EveryBlock Chicago, Rogers Parkers are already making suggestions for how to use the demolished space, with the lead idea being a bike parking facility.

Check out the photo gallery for a virtual tour around the commercial spaces at Morse and Lunt, including an inside look at the new station house under rehab.


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  • It doesn't look in that bad of shape that it would fall down, but I guess looks are deceiving. The bike parking would be nice for commuters. Hopefully it would be covered.

  • In reply to chris:

    Chris, the problem is all the water that leaked through the rail bed over the years and into the building. You can't see that in these photos.

  • Just judging from the trees growing on the roof of that building, I'd guess it's in pretty bad shape.

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