CTA Green Line gets new Series 5000 rail cars

After re-debuting in May on the Pink Line, six new Series 5000 rail cars were placed in service Sunday on the Green Line, the CTA announced.

Series 5000 cars will continue to be added throughout the summer until the entire current fleet Series 2400 cars is replaced. The Series 2400 cars are 35 years old.

Read details about the Series 5000 cars.

Here’s a photo from chicago-l.org of a Series 2400 rail car.

Series 2400 rail car


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  • Does that make the purple line next? Will the work cars be retired as well, or maybe just taken out of revenue service?

  • In reply to JustinS:

    At one point, the CTA said the Red Line would be next. But that may have changed. The Blue Line desperately needs new cars too.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    Good. As far as I'm concerned, the Blue Line is welcome to them.

  • I would think the Blue Line also. Aren't they running the oldest cars out there?

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    According to (a) an earlier NBC Chicago report, and (b) a posting on the chicagobus.org under "5000s arrive" from someone apparently on the inside today, the answer is No.

    Of course, the CTA incurring costs by shuffling equipment, instead of replacing obsolete equipment directly, is nothing new.

    Also debated on chicagobus.org, but not resolved, is if the Tower 18 Junction problems mandate 6 car trains on lines (Pink and Green) that usually run only 4, and thus the 706 cars will not go as far as assumed.

    But it looks like the Blue Line will be all 2600s for the conceivable future.

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