Photos of new track work at Morse "L"

Kiewet workers at the Morse “L” station are working three shifts of 25-30 workers for about 50 hours or so this weekend to replace more than 2,000 feet of northbound track.

This is the first phase of work on the Red Line Station Interim Improvement project. The project manager told me they started with Morse because they wanted to replace the track there to stop the leaking right away. There are at least seven commercial spaces under the station at Morse and Lunt.

At Granville, which closed for six weeks on Friday, workers were removing station fixtures, such as turnstiles and the station kiosk, in advance of bringing in heavy equipment for the station rehab. The CTA project manager said Granville is a special challenge because of the long platform with the sole entrance at the north end.

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(All Morse photos by Kevin O’Neil / CTA Tattler.)


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  • I really hope they will be eliminating the infuriating 15 mph Northbound slow zone from Granville to North of Loyola. It's been there for years! I've been on trains many when this slow zone contributed to train bunching that caused delays all the way into Howard.

  • In reply to Matt:

    Matt, the answer is: maybe.

    See this post on slow zones from April:

    From the CTA:

    "While work associated with the Red North Station Interim Improvements project is performed, CTA crews will coordinate with the contractor and take advantage of the temporary track closures to address many of the slow zones along the North Red Line tracks.

    "Although work at the seven selected stations is expected to be complete by the end of the year, CTA track work may continue into early-2013. Importantly, this work is not likely to eliminate all slow zones along this portion of the branch."

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    Apparently the communication on this wasn't so good either, in that your Sat. at 5:19 post says that "Representatives and CSAs were out in full force at the Morse station, explaining the track work occurring this weekend and how riders have to ride north to Howard to ride south."

    At least, though, from other sources, one couldn't ride in either direction from Morse, but because of track work at Morse, the riders at Loyola were affected.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    Of course, maybe from the CTA Alert, maybe Morse wasn't closed, but definitely, the reroute affected Loyola.

    So, maybe you could explain.

  • In reply to jack:

    Yes, absolutely the Morse work affected Loyola and Jarvis. I don't recall - but maybe there are no crossovers from Jarvis to Loyola.

  • Huh? As I've reporter a couple of time, you had to go north to Howard to go south at Loyola, Morse and Jarvis.

    From the above post:

    As part of the project, southbound (95th-bound) trains will not stop at Loyola, Morse or Jarvis from 10 pm Friday till 4 am Monday. For service from these stations, take a Howard-bound train to Howard and transfer to a 95th-bound train. For service to these stations, take a 95th-bound train to Thorndale and transfer to a Howard-bound train.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    Well, apparently nobody put it together.

    I know there is a crossover at Granville, just not sure whether north or south of it. Probably north.

    In any event, that quote didn't make it clear that at least the major reason was that the track would be torn out at Morse.

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