Morse closes Friday: Here's how the CTA will improve station

At 11:59 pm Friday, the CTA will close the Morse Red Line station, the second on the north end of the busiest rail line – part of the Red North Station Interim Improvements. Granville closed June 1, but is expected to reopen on July 13.

I’ve been documenting via photos the work at Morse over the last month. See the archives for photos.

So, what can we expect to see at Morse when the rehab is complete Aug. 10? Here’s what the CTA says:

The Morse station will receive improvements to the viaduct over the street, the trackwork through the station, the station house and the platform. Enhancements will include:

  • Concrete repairs, painting and sealing/coating of the viaduct
  • New waterproofing and drainage system on the viaduct
  • Upgraded lighting under the viaduct
  • New trackbed, ties and rails on the viaduct and through the station area
  • Masonry repairs and new tuckpointing on the station house exterior
  • New windows, doors and exterior lighting on the station house
  • New station house interior finishes (i.e. walls, flooring, ceiling), lighting and signage
  • Improved station house interior layout/circulation
  • Sidewalk repairs and new bike racks outside of the station house
  • New platform foundations, decking, fixtures and furnishings
  • Refurbished canopy structure

CTA Tattler will monitor the work at Morse, and document via “after” photos compared to the “before” photos I posted yesterday.

Also, be sure to post photos and news about the North Red Line Interim Station Improvements at CTA Station Watch, a crowd-sourced website covering the  renovations at stations from Wilson to Howard. To contribute, tweet news of the station projects with hashtags like this — #jarviscta, #morsecta, etc – and they’ll appear on the site. Or post photos through Facebook.

Photos by Kevin O’Neil / CTA Tattler.

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