CTA set to listen to south Red Line riders at two public hearings

The CTA is ready to begin the dialog with the South Side community about its plan to shut most of the south Red Line Dan Ryan branch next spring for five months.

I suspect they will get a red earful, with many people coming to vent, not converse.

The object of the two meetings next week is to “explain the work, answer questions and receive feedback from customers who will be impacted by the project,” according to a press release.  “This input will help CTA complete the project as effectively as possible.”

I sure hope so.

Anyone who has friends or relatives on the South Side, or who has followed letters to the editor and online comment boards knows that most riders are not at all happy about the closure. That’s putting it mildly. A good friend on the South Side ranted so vehemently to me via Facebook messages the day after the announcement that my screen was smoking.

Here are details on the meeting dates:

  • Monday, June 18, at South Shore Cultural Center, 7059 S. South Shore Drive.
  • Thursday, June 21, at Kennedy-King College Gymnasium, 6343 S. Halsted

Both meetings run from 6 to 8 p.m.; both facilities are accessible to people with disabilities.

The CTA also is promising several more meeting “in the coming weeks.” After all, they are gluttons for punishment.

And don’t get me wrong. I do think shutting down the nine-station stretch from Cermak-Chinatown to 95th Street for five months is the lesser of two evils. The CTA’s biggest challenge is putting a comprehensive, multi-faceted “L” alternatives plan into effect.

Tribune columnist Jon Hilkevitch rightly noted the CTA’s original alternatives plan was “hastily drawn” and “simply inadequate.” So maybe we’ll get some more details and other alternative routes at this meeting.

If you want to give feedback but can’t make it to the meeting, you can submit written correspondence via email at redlinesouth@transitchicago.com, or mail it to Red Line South Project, CTA, 567 W. Lake Street, Chicago, IL, 60661.


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  • "with many people coming to vent, not converse."

    What should they do? Conversation is a two way street, and the CTA has not shown in at least the last 7 years (going back to ask Carole) that they listen. Well, I'll modify that, someone goaded Carole into posting the real estate appraisals for completed sales.

    You whole tone, including "After all, they are gluttons for punishment" indicates that the gawds who run the CTA don't have to respond to the community.

    And you certainly undersell the import of the Hilkevitch column on that CTA, for a change (at least in the last 7 years) should cooperate with Metra, which has the excess capacity in that area.

    As I suggested a couple of days ago, maybe Mike Payne will post today whether the CTA Board turned up its hearing aids and actually comprehends what he posted he will say.

  • In reply to jack:

    At the CTA Board Meeting yesterday Terry Peterson said that CTA had approached Metra, and that they will find a way to work together during the Red Line shutdown.

    This was unexpected even by me, and they will be at the the South Shore Cultural Center on Monday - so you can come and tell me and them how ridiculous my idea is jack; or don't say anything else if you can't/won't/don't show up.

  • No, I won't show up; I'm not personally affected.

    To some extent Peterson's remark is unexpected, but then someone did tell Molly Sullivan to prep this through Hilkevitch.

    I bet, though, that neither Metra nor CTA pays for your beloved fare barriers.

  • In reply to jack:

    You demonstrate exactly why I'm fighting for this - "I'm not personally affected", yet you have PLENTY of input on the subject.

    I'm not "personally affected" by happenings on the UP North Line, so I don't comment on it much (even though I've driven C&NW freight trains over it).

    People who "aren't affected" are in control of a facility right through the center of a Community I lived in for over 50 years.

    And you have personal issues of your own with that "beloved" stuff.

  • Marv Levy once used the term "over officious jerk," and I try to minimize my role as that. Maybe not successfully enough.

    Yet, you are so stubborn and closed minded, or have so much time on your hands, that, as I pointed out on chicagobus.org, you have been spectacularly unsuccessful for over a decade. If you don't want to take advice with an open mind, and want to waste another 10 years, go ahead. As I said about a month ago, I am out of here with regard to the merits of what you think the consultant is advocating for you.

  • In reply to jack:

    The "consultant(s)" were assigned to quash the idea, and if this Red Line situation had not come up - they probably would have succeeded.

    Example: The "consultants" correctly observed that bi-level gallery cars are unsuitable for rapid-transit due to slow loading and unloading.

    Their $450,000 recommendation: drop the whole idea.

    Idea from within the community (gas station attendant) that everyone will be able to see in G-Gauge with their own eyes: modify the cars (cheaper) to handle large crowds speedily.

    The community will get to see with their own eyes that the "powers-that-be" haven't had their bests interest at heart up to now - but maybe that can be changed..

  • So. your prior comment that "appointing the consultants showed that the Gray Line was needed" blew up in your face. That's what you get when you think you can co-opt City Hall.

    I guess we won't be seeing the Vrdolylak Line, then. Just like Mayor Daley won't see the Mid-City Line, also crushed by the Circle Line consultants.

    In fact, Adam H's post of May 28 on "why do they want to run L cars on the ME," which I tried to debunk here, turned out not to be so off base. Especially since, even if you don't want to run L cars there, you wanted to spend huge amounts of money to otherwise convert it into the CTA.

    The one thing that seems to support the consultant's conclusion is that every time Metra adds a station to the schedule, that adds 3 minutes to the running time. At least that was the case when the Lake Cook, North Glenview, and Prairie Crossing stations were added to the Milw N. Line. That would at least have some impact from 63rd to Pullman, as most of those stations are flag stops now.

    But, as usual, I am right--$450K of federal money to consultants down the toilet.

  • Since as you stated, quote "I am not affected by this" - why are you so dead-set obsessed with making sure that NOTHING changes with regard to the MED operations?

  • You knew that isn't the case, but since this is as dead as Generalissimo Francisco Franco, there is no point.

    However, your recent comments sound more like the pot calling the skillet All-Clad.

  • TO: Members of the South Lakefront Community
    FROM: O-H Community Partners
    DATE: June 12, 2012
    RE: Flyer for South Lakefront Public Meeting on June 28th, 2012

    Public Community Meeting for the South Lakefront Corridor Transit Study
    When: Thursday, June 28, 2011 from 6pm-8pm
    Where: Apostolic Church of God – Banquet Hall, 6320 S. Dorchester Ave. (at 63rd Street), Chicago, IL 60637

    You are invited to the public community meeting for the South Lakefront Corridor Transit Study. This meeting will present the project evaluation results and the draft recommendations of the South Lakefront Corridor Transit Study. The study has focused on improving public transportation and enhancing Transit-Oriented Development in order to enhance mobility for residents and increase access to jobs within the South Lakefront Corridor. It is the third in a series of meetings.

    We want to hear from you. Please join us for this important public meeting and feel free to invite others. A copy of the flyer is attached.

    For more information please visit our website http://www.cityofchicago.org/city/en/depts/cdot/supp_info/south_lakefront_corridortransitstudy.html and follow us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/South-Lakefront-Corridor-Transit-Study/199444600080441

    RSVP: lisa.green@o-hcommunitypartners.com
    *If you require ADA assistance please let us know.

    Lisa Green
    Senior Associate
    O-H Community Partners, Ltd.
    372 West Ontario Street, Suite 501
    Chicago, IL 60654

    Direct: 312.705.6860
    Main: 312.850.0600
    Fax: 312.850.0601


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