CTA crime update: Light sentence for videotaped platform beating

And 18-year-old South Side teen filmed by a buddy cold-cocking a homeless man on a CTA platform pleaded guilty last month and was “sentenced” to 12 months of probation and 15 days of community service. I’m thinking at least 60 days at Cook County might make him think twice about doing it again. Or maybe 15 hours of scrubbing the Hobo Corner of various human excrement.

Guardian Angels attackers arrested. Call this one the case of dumb and dumber. Two guys are spied by four Guardian Angels allegedly robbing a CTA rider of his cellphone. So they were dumb enough to get caught by the Angels, but fought their way out of detainment by slashing three of them with a knife. One attacker, Keith Gunn, was arrested last week in Rockford. His alleged accomplice, Julius Price, was caught near Cook County Jail while trying to visit Gunn in jail. Dumber.

Young phone thief  caught on platform by riders. Yet another alleged phone thief was detained by other Red Line riders on the Sheridan platform. Last week a 15-year-old boy was charged with felony robbery after snatching a phone from a fellow rider. Two guys on the same train car witnessed the theft, gave chase, and held the boy for 10 minutes until police came.

If you yell at a smoker, you might get beat up. After a woman admonished another for smoking on a CTA train last month, the smoker and her friend attacked the woman as she exited the train. According to the Chicago Journal, one woman hit her with a large purse, knocking her to the ground, where they began to kick her. The victim was hospitalized; the assailants got away.


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  • With fewer trains and stations, fewer places to rob and assault. Maybe that's Garry McCarthy's plan for better crime statistics in 2013.

    If nothing else, this crime wave may reduce potential overcrowding.

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