"Before" photos of Morse CTA station; closes for rehab late Friday

The CTA Morse Red Line station is set to close for six week of rehab starting at 11:59 p.m. on Friday.

Since I live near this station in Rogers Park, in mid-June I documented some “before” photos of the platform, station house and exteriors at both the Morse and Lunt exits.

Due to the large number of photos, I’ve broken them up into separate posts. Here you see the platform and some of the track bed before most of the track bed was replaced June 15 through 18. Here you will find photos of the station exteriors and station house.

In about six weeks or so when the station rehab is complete, I will publish the “after” photos to compare with “before.”

View photos of a naked rail bed.

See photos of workers laying new ties, rails and ballast.

All photos by Kevin O’Neil / CTA Tattler.

Be sure to post photos and news about the North Red Line Interim Station Improvements at CTA Station Watch, a crowd-sourced website covering the  renovations at stations from Wilson to Howard. To contribute, tweet news of the station projects with hashtags like this — #jarviscta, #morsecta, etc – and they’ll appear on the site. Or post photos through Facebook.


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  • I noted some captions saying "future concrete platform." Maybe they learned something from the Brown Line, where it was reported that the platforms recently looked like those in these pictures, even though they were replaced in 2008, until Claypool decided it was spruce up time.

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