Weekend Loop track work reroutes Brown, Orange and Pink lines

The CTA took a two-week break from Loop track renewal work after its first weekend April 20-23. Now it is back at it this weekend, with route changes for the Brown, Pink and Orange lines.

Brown and Orange line trains will be through-routed via the LakeĀ  and Wabash sides of the Loop. That means the Brown will turn Orange as it approaches the Loop, and vice versa as Orange passes Roosevelt heading north.

Pink Line trains will begin and end their trips at Roosevelt station. Transfers to/from the Blue Line subway may be made at Clark/Lake and to/from the Red Line subway at State/Lake or Roosevelt.

Green Line trains are not affected this weekend and will operate normally in both directions via Lake and Wabash.

The route changes will begin at 4 am on Saturday. Service will return to normal at 4 am Monday.

Watch the video to see a 49-second time-lapse view of some of the work on the first weekend.

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