Rogers Park neighbor scrapes, paints peeling CTA viaduct

A Rogers Park man known locally for his cleanup walks now is helping the CTA at the Red Line viaduct on Farwell Avenue.

This afternoon I came across him scraping, peeling paint off the Farwell viaduct and painting it.

He said he went the hardware store with a paint chip and matched the color. He had a paint scraper on a long pole, and paint roller on an extension pole. He was working on the middle support columns when I saw him. He even painted the base.

Now, that’s taking matters into your own hands!

His son was there helping. When I asked him what he thought about what his dad was doing, he said, “I think he’s doing good things for the community.”

I couldn’t have said it better.

Thank you.


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  • Nice of him to try to match the paint. I would probably just pick a (bright) color I liked.

  • Has CTA had anything to say about this man doing THEIR j

    They should at least P A Y the Man for his LABOR and MATERIALS

  • More likely, they'll force him to join the union, then keep his payment as "dues".

  • Now that this is public, he'll get arrested for "vandalism' in 3,2,1.....

  • He's just like me, he spent his own personal money to complete his CTA Project ("Improving the Farwell St. CTA Viaduct").

    I just don't have $200 Million to accomplish mine.

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