New "El Stories" to debut June 2 - including the tale of "L Challenge" winner

People just can’t get enough of “El Stories,” so the Waltzing Mechanics will debut a new show June 2 based on 17 stories adapted from real CTA rider interviews. And one of those stories chronicles Adham Fisher’s recent record-breaking ride through all 143 CTA rail stations.

Co-adaptors Zack Florent and Keely Leonard accompanied Fisher on his competitive trek and interviewed him and fellow passengers during the race. Sixteen additional featured stories have been culled from interviews with bus and rail commuters from Bridgeport to Wilmette.

Here’s how the Waltzing Mechanics work, according to their press release:

Recorded stories are transcribed verbatim and then adapted; the actors use the original source recordings to replicate each storyteller’s voice in performance. Each show also features playback theatre in one scene before the train reaches the terminal. A volunteer from the audience is selected to share a transit story of his or her own and then watches as the story just told is immediately played back in scene by the ensemble.

“El Stories” runs every Saturday at 11 pm starting June 2 at Greenhouse Theater Center, 2257 N. Lincoln Ave. Tickets are $15 general admission and may be purchased in advance at or 773-404-7336.


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  • I suppose that they can next portray the double header of the iPhone thieves stabbing the Guardian Angels.

    El Historias is soon going to be the only safe way of experiencing the L.

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    I really wish these guys would learn how to correctly spell 'L'.

  • In reply to Adam H:

    Me too.

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