Historic photo: CTA State Street subway under construction

I love this photo from the early 1940s during construction of the State Street subway because it really looks pretty much as it does now, albeit without the walls and flooring.

From the CTA’s historic photo Flickr set, this shot shows the tunnel looking south from Lake Street. Here’s the caption for the photo:

In this early 1940s photo, we appear to be looking south from what is now the Lake station. By this time, the subway tubes have been bored, concrete poured and sewers installed. Lights, platform elements, tracks, signals and more still need to be installed before trains can run through the subway.

The State Street Subway (part of today’s CTA Red Line) opened in 1943.


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  • Probably the last time the lake street station was that clean! Cool pict though!

  • No, I think that photo is mislabeled.
    Note that the track curves to the left. That happens only at Monroe to follow the actual jog in the street above at Madison.

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