CTA to accept Metra tickets on Monday only

With all the restrictions on Metra travel Monday due to the NATO meeting, transit officials have announced that the CTA will accept all Metra tickets on Monday only.

Metra UP North riders, hope you enjoy the Red Line.


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  • "Metra UP North riders, hope you enjoy the Red Line."

    Unless Scooter shows up in Indian Hill with his cup of coffee, I'm sure that's not what it is about.

    People in Mike Payne's neighborhood sure aren't going to like your attempt at humor. Although I wonder how many really are affected.

  • I will be withholding my kudos to the CTA because that is what they should be doing EVERY DAY! It is patently absurd that we are paying for a Regional Transit Authority when we don't have a regional transit system.

  • There is about to be W A R.

    I was scheduled to be a "Poster Exhibitor" at the Transport Chicago Conference: http://www.transportchicago.org/ http://www.grayline.20m.com/about.html https://www.box.com/files#/files/0/f/0/1/f_2279311279

    BUT the "Powers-that-be" have managed to have my Presentation cancelled:

    Dear Mr. Payne,

    We are contacting you to clear up what appears to be an unfortunate misunderstanding.

    It has come to our attention via the Crain's Chicago Business blog that you are anticipating making a poster presentation at the upcoming 2012 Transport Chicago conference on June 1. However, all prospective presenters must apply for consideration in early March by submitting a 250-word abstract describing the proposed presentation. The conference presenters are then selected from this pool of applicants. As you did not submit an abstract for consideration by the March 2, 2012 deadline, you are not eligible to present at the 2012 conference.

    We very much appreciate your interest, however, and we encourage you to submit an abstract for consideration for the 2013 conference. The application instructions for the 2013 conference will be posted early next year on the Transport Chicago website and the application deadline is usually in late February/early March. For your reference, here is a link to the application process for the 2012 conference: http://www.transportchicago.org/call-for-papers.html. The process will likely be similar next year.

    You are certainly welcome to participate in this year's conference as an attendee. All attendees must register for the conference; online registration is available here: http://www.transportchicago.org/register-now.html

    Thank you again for your interest, Mr. Payne. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions you may have.

    Transport Chicago Steering Committee

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