Best gift for a transit geek? Classic CTA rail map

My wife knows that the best gift for this transit geek is anything CTA-related. And she delivered this weekend. For a wedding anniversary gift, no less.

So thank you to Susan for the CTA rail map pictured here.

Look at it closely and see how travel on the CTA rails has changed over the years. On this map you see:

  • AB stops and A and B only stops.
  • No Orange Line.
  • The Blue northwest ends at Jefferson Park.
  • The now Green Line goes south on the Dan Ryan Branch. It was called the Lake-Dan Ryan Line at the time.
  • The current Red Line south splits far south to an Englewood and Jackson Park branch.
  • There is no Pink Line.
  • There was a Washington stop on the current Red Line.
  • The Red Line Lake Street station was called Randolph.

What did I miss? And what year do you think this map was issued? Scooter and Jack, no guesses yet from you. Give others a chance!  😉

(View a larger version of this map on Flickr.)



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  • 1979. 'Cause, er, that's the filename you gave the map when you posted it to Flickr. ;-)

  • In reply to WCityMike:

    Ha ha! Nice job Mike!

  • fb_avatar

    Jackson Park Branch of the south side elevated went all the way to Jackson Park. Can someone please create a Hyde Park branch? :-)

  • In reply to Seth:

    There is a quick answer, No. It was debated about the effect of cutting back the Jackson Park branch to Cottage Grove, but it isn't going any farther than that.

    We mentioned about 10 months ago, "what is the big demand for an L station at Hyde Park and Greenwood." Of course, Frosty never got to your question, but I repeat, what's the big demand now? Who other than you in Hyde Park wants the south side L running through it?

  • In reply to jack:

    I'm of the belief that we dont need new L lines in most cases, just run metra like the RER in Paris, frequent service (every 15 mins) at CTA or cta like fares with a universal fare media for the region. You know, use the infrastructure we were actually blessed with in this region.

  • fb_avatar

    Damen on the Douglas branch was Hoyne and Kostner was Kildare, the O'Harexpress existed since there was no L out there (a rare appearance of a bus route on the rapid transit map), and Homan/Lake was still around instead of Conservatory-Central Park. Clinton/Lake seemed to still have its direct connection to North Western Station, too.

  • In reply to Jeff:

    Since Mike gave out the goods, the more interesting question would be whether there was anything on that map that would distinguish it from any other map after 1970 and before 1982 (approximately speaking).

  • In reply to jack:

    Also, State/Van Buren station

  • In reply to jack:

    Two words: Loop shuttle.

  • Huh. I guess I had forgotten that there was no Roosevelt elevated station from 1963 (when the old South Side El station was demolished) through 1993 (when the new station was opened for the Orange Line).

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