Original CTA "L" Challenge champ returns to try and retake the title

The British man who first set the unofficial record of traversing the entire CTA rail system last year is back this week to try and reclaim it. And he’s making a splash while here in Chicago.

On Tuesday Adham Fisher will be promoting his record-breaking effort with Nikki Huber, Miss Earth Illinois, while wearing a lush green jacket made of grass. The publicity stunt, complete with Nikki in full gown, sash and tiara, aims to help noisivelvet in announcing “Alterpolitan: An Indoor Sculpture Garden” taking place on Thursday, May 3, 2012, from 5:00pm until 8:00pm at 77 South Dearborn. Noisivelvet (television spelled backward) are the folks behind the CTA Mobile Garden.

Then sometime later in the week Fisher will make his run on the CTA. Last year he rode the entire rail system in 9 hours, 36 minutes, 33 seconds. But on Feb. 3, Danny Resner and John Greenfield cut that time by five minutes.

Fisher likes transit challenges, and travels the globe to participate in them. Last month, he tried to break the record in New York City. He came within 19 minutes on his first try. Earlier this month he rode the small Toronto system in two hours, 46 minutes and one second. He has tried to break the record several times unsuccessfully on the London Underground.

Read Adham’s story of his March 2011 “L” Challenge effort.


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  • Since the two "who broke his record" said what their route was, and were willing to answer questions here about how the rules affected their route, maybe this time Adham will too, since it is no longer a secret.

    But, if he wants to emulate CTA management with "proprietary information" mumbo jumbo, he has already won at that.

    Anyway, with all the new slow zones and Loop track closures, lots of luck.

  • Um...television spelled backwards is noisivelet. There's only one "v".

  • In reply to thepreacherswife:

    Oops. That's my typo, now fixed. Thanks preacherswife

  • Does nikki Huber not capitalize her first name?

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    Wow, you guys are just catching all sorts of typos by me today. I fixed Nikki's name. Where were you when I was writing this! ;-)

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    Hi Kevin - You had our name right the first time, our name is "noisivelvet" it's quirky but it is indeed television "misspelled" backwards on purpose --- www.noisivelvet.org --- Also, Nikki & Adham will be travelling the L tomorrow to promote themselves and noisivelvet, but Adham will be making his attempt throughout the week - More info on the May 3rd event is available at the Loop Alliance Pop-up Art site - http://www.popupartloop.com/ -- Cheers and thanks for the mention~!

  • In reply to Joe Baldwin:

    Ha ha! Quirky indeed! OK, I just changed it back to a misspelling of television spelled backward.

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    Pictures from today: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjz4n75E ~!

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    Congrats Adham~! 9 Hours and 6 minutes!!!

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