Materials delay pushes back closing of Granville on Red Line north fix-up project

Due to a delay in getting track materials for the Red North Station Interim Improvements, the CTA has pushed back the closing date for the first station – Granville – by three weeks to June 1. However, there will be no “ripple effect” for other station closure dates, a CTA spokesperson said.

Moving the Granville closure date also helps with CTA efforts to coordinate station work with waterproofing at an adjacent property. The work at Granville is still expected to last about six weeks.

The CTA also made to other announcements related to the project:

  • NEW: A temporary closure date of Aug. 24 has been set for the Argyle station.
  • UPDATE: The temporary closure date for the Lawrence station has been pushed back to two-days – from Oct. 12 to Oct. 14 – to accommodate a request from Uptown United.

The CTA spokesperson also mentioned that the agency was unable to accommodate the request of 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore to flip the closing dates for Morse and Jarvis. Morse is set to close June 29 for six weeks. Moore had asked CTA to move that closing date to Nov. 9 – when Jarvis is set to close – so that Morse would be open in the summer while the Glenwood Sunday Market was open on the street adjacent to the Morse station. There is track work that is being performed at Jarvis that needs to be done before actual stationhouse work begins.


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  • I'm guessing that "materials delay" is just a code word for "All of the material is from China & it's made out of garbage!"

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    With regard to structural steel, the Buy America requriement is that it be U.S. CTA got burned on that before.

    I also don't know if it pays to haul ballast from China.

  • Jack and Scooter: Have you confirmed with the CTA that they are buying from China?

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    If you had read my post, you would have deduced that I tended to negate that.

  • I was being somewhat sarcastic or couldn't you figure that out!
    Or have you forgotten about the 5000 series trucks, which were cast in China?

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