Drug possession charges overlaid on CTA rail map

A statistical modeling student has mapped Chiacgo drug possession charges by type and then overlaid them on a map of CTA elevated lines. The results are fascinating, to say the least.

Lauren Baily tweeted the map last week. She even noted the drugs by color. Light blue = cocaine; black= heroin; purple = crack; pink= pills. I’m not sure where pot charges fit in. In a separate tweet, she noted that light blue (cocaine) seemed to cluster around the Blue Line.

Nice work, Lauren.


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  • There's zero correlation between the L lines & drug arrests.

    This is a map of where poor black people live, who also use, sell drugs & get arrested for this.
    This is where the gangs fight over territory to sell drugs & then kill people almost daily, some of them children, caught in the crossfire of morons that don't give a damn about anything but their stupid territory!

    So the results are anything but fascinating!

  • Scooter is probably correct. For instance, there is a big clump in South Shore-South Chicago, but someone tells us there is no L service there.Auburn-Gresham isn't that near the L, either.

    There is some correlation between burglary and robbery and being near the north main and Purple Line, but the map indicates that that is fairly clean, except in Uptown.

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