Chartered CTA train derails outside of Roosevelt "L" station

“Doh! So ends our charter train.”

That’s was the tweet from rail buff NBeal99 late Sunday morning after the charter train he was riding derailed south of the Roosevelt L station. Included in that tweet was the great photo included here of the wheels off the track.

The train was chartered by fellow rail fans as a fund-raiser for the Illinois Railway Museum, the Tribune reports.

Yes, now the certainly do have a great story to tell. No one was hurt, but service was disrupted for several hours Sunday afternoon.


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  • I'll bet these guys had the time of their lives. A derailment (without injuries)! I wonder if the CTA could do this every year--they'd be able to charge more.

  • What do you expect when they use an "ancient" 2200 for the head end car?

  • How'd dat happen? Gail-Tzipporah Saunders

  • @Tzippo: CTA was running some old cars as part of the charter, as Scooter mentioned. That might have been why it happened.

  • Aren't the "ancient" 2200's in service every day on the Blue Line?

  • Yes. It wasn't like they were running the 4200s that were on display at Linden on Saturday.

    Also, I got the impression from the TV that the end car derailed.

    My three impressions were:

    1. This was not the trip promoted here for March 25.

    2. This might be like Derrick Rose's knee, in that, unless this was an unusual move (i.e. the Green or Orange Line wouldn't have done it), we would have been reading about a Green or Orange Line derailment this morning. Otherwise, why weren't they on the normal Green or Orange Line tracks?

    3. What's the big deal about riding a 2200? It isn't even like riding one in 1970, given that they gutted the interiors and removed the leather seating. I now think it is no different than riding a 2400 or 2600, the only throw back item with respect to them being the unintelligible speaker system.

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