Sign of the times - or maybe not; CTA fail

The CTA just seems to have ongoing problems with their time signs. Even at the newly rehabbed Red Line station at Grand and State.

CTA Tattler friend and faithful reader Nina tweeted this sign to me Sunday:

“Yesterday at @cta Grand on the Red Line: Did this mean my train was coming? cc @ctatattler

Well Nina, don’t think so. But don’t give up.


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  • No, but the Jeffery Manor Express, Indiana Hyde Park ... Kedzie, Pulaski..., North,...Kimball Homan buses are stopping there. Also, the 83 bus was reinstated (if it ever existed).

    Seriously, the CTA is starting to sound like an episode of Nova or Nature... and you know that the salmon will never get upstream in time to save the bear, or the replica Nazi dam in Canada will never get knocked down. Similarly, with the CTA, as Emily Litella used to say, "it's always something."

  • In reply to jack:

    Most importantly, the 41, Elston-Clybourn bus was reinstated.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    As the ellipses indicate, I couldn't list everything, even though the readers with ADD haven't posted to complain in a while.

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