Instant party on the Metro: Have boombox, will dance

Now why don’t I ever run in instant parties on the CTA? I think This is shot in the Paris Montreal Metro.

A bit of «Sunshine» in the metro with David Guetta from DAVAÏ on Vimeo.

Hat tip to Amy Guth.


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  • It's Montreal. A little closer to home.

  • In reply to ardecila:

    Right you are. It is about 30 years since I rode it, but if you compare the map at 00:14 with this one here, that's what it is.

    The French wouldn't have that much fun.

  • Thanks for the help guys. I saw the map Jack references, but it still didn't look familiar.

  • You've never been on the Red Line with the singing motorman?

  • Hmmm... I don't think I have Cheryl.

  • You haven't lived until you've heard him sing "Love Train." He's great, seriously.

    Him and the guy who read Dr. Seuss on the Brown Line.

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