Movies with the best train scenes: No. 5 - "Kontroll"

In this week leading up to the 84th Academy Awards, CTA Tattler will feature the top 5 films with the best train or subway scenes.

At No. 5 we have Kontroll. This film made in Budapest is an engrossing story about life in the subway. There are a number of interlocking stories here, with the main plot line about a group of subway workers whose job is to check passengers for tickets. There’s a rivalry between the rogue crew and the best crew.

In between we have a subway love story with a furry girl, plus a bit of murder along the way. All good fun!

PS: Be sure and share what movies you think contain the best train scenes.

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  • One of my favorites is the "While the City Sleeps" fight sequence in the Los Angeles Hollywood Subway (starting at 1:18):

  • The one where the "not in service" 2600 turns into the Coors Light Express by putting up a bottle cap on the dot on the map for the Third Blvd. station is pretty good.

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