Movies with the best train scenes: No. 3 - "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3"

In this week leading up to the 84th Academy Awards, CTA Tattler is featuring the top 5 films with the best train or subway scenes. At No. 3 we have “The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3.”

Of the CTA Tattler Top 5, this film and “Kontroll” are the only ones where the filming and the entire story center around the subway. “Taking of Pelham” is based on the 1973 best seller written by Morton Freedgood (under the pseudonym John Godey). It was made into a feature film in 1974.

It has great scenes of the New York City subway. The film stars some great actors of its time: Walter Matthau, Robert Shaw, Martin Balsam, Jerry Stiller, Tony Roberts, Hector Elizondo and Doris Roberts. It was remade twice, but you really have to go with the original.

The Top 5 to date:

No. 5: “Kontroll”

No. 4: “Batman Begins” fight scene

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  • The original one was completely phony, because, as everyone knows, you can stop a subway car BY TURNING OFF THE POWER AT THE SUBSTATION. CTA does it all the time. Not as realistic as "The Million Dollar Ripoff," which a star of 190 North noted in the CTA on MTV topic on,

    My selection for today is "Throw Mama from the Train," with Oscar's own Billy Crystal, and everyone's favorite dispatcher Louie DiPalma. Somehow, though, my mother said that she did not like the concept.

  • I sure hope "The Incident" makes the list. Awesome movie and a great cast including none other than Ed McMahon!

  • Sorry bhomey, The Incident is not on the list because I've never heard of it. But thanks for mentioning it. Now I will try to Netflix it!

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